Yoga for Arthritis Pain Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Yoga is a psycho-physical exercise with slow movements associated with muscle strengthening to improve one’s physical and mental conditions.

The effects of yoga could influence people’s musculoskeletal system, immune system, nervous system and sympathetic activity.

Specifically, yoga exercise increases flexibility and muscle strength, physical balancing, improves fitness, and pain relieving.

A yoga practice can have comprehensive effect on patients with knee arthritis by pain reduction, improvement of joint function and life quality.

How does Yoga improve pain?

Firstly, yoga provides the local structure strengthening to reduce physical pain by increasing joint stability. Knee muscle power reinforcement is one of the primary goals of OA practice since muscular weakness is the leading cause of OA pain and disability.

Secondly, right way of body position gives rest and reduction of stress in specific area during yoga practicing. And this stress reducing effect also seems to be an effective mechanism in pain management in knee arthritis patients.

Then, systematic effect like lowered heart rate and increased respiratory volume and other body responses on to stress may work synergistically to alleviate pain by regulating sympathetic and parasympathetic tone. As a result, patients knee function can be improved by reduction of pain, gain of knee joint stability and flexibility.

Why choose PhysioFit of North Carolina for my Yoga studio?

Our yoga classes are designed with medical conditions in mind with particular attention focused on improving your mobility and strength, while minimizing any pain and “picking at” a condition. This is part of the Feel it to Heal it Physio Approach to maximize benefits of exercise and get the most out of therapeutic exercise.

If you’re looking for a small studio (holds at most 14 participants) with attention to your condition, contact us to see how we can help you!
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