Personal Studio Sessions

Our experienced fitness instructors offer personal studio sessions to give you the opportunity for tailored one-on-one sessions to address your specific fitness needs.

Studio Reformer Session

60-minute $85
30-minute $45

Studio Mat Session

60-minute $75
30-minute $40

Our Instructors

Leanna Murray

Pilates Instructor     
Studio & Fitness Manager

Leanna has been instructing Pilates for over seven years in the Wake Forest and Raleigh area. After the birth of her third child, she sought the help of a wonderful Pilates instructor to help regain back the loss of core control and strength from birth and surgery. Those sessions opened up an entirely new awareness about the science behind muscular development and the immense benefits of the Pilates method. It didn’t take long for Leanna to realize she had stumbled into a new passion and professional calling.

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Tori Zillmann

Tori Zillman

Pilates Instructor

Tori began practicing Pilates in college while earning her B.S. in Exercise Science and Dance Science at Elon University. Initially she was drawn to Pilates to improve her dance performance, but she quickly recognized the benefits it had on other aspects of her life, such as joint pain relief and improved posture and movement quality. Since then, Tori has trained with Balanced Body to help others enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates at PhysioFit since 2019, and is also a dance instructor and ACSM certified personal trainer. Her classes focus on safety and proper alignment while strengthening and stretching the whole body.

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