Physical therapy in wake forest, nc

Our physical therapy practice is based in Wake Forest with a satellite office in Raleigh.
Our fitness studio is in our Wake Forest location, offering Tai chi, yoga, and Pilates class series. 

Movement is medicine



Postural and stabilizer muscle control


Tai Chi

Balance and coordination



Flexibility and body awareness


Save time

Treatments usually 1x/week versus typical 2-3x/week


No filler exercises or unnecessary treatments just to keep you in longer



Simple and transparent.


No surprise or hidden bills. 


No additional fees for services. 


Added value

Experienced care.


No cookie cutter approaches.


Feel it to Heal it Physio approach.

specialized care

what sets us apart


Rehabilitative Ultrasound


No guessing game anymore! We train you to contract the right pelvic floor muscles for optimal performance


Feel it to Heal it Physio


Are you exercising but its not helping you at all?! This is our speciality! We help you feel movements where you should to take away what is picking at your symptoms and allow you to heal.


Infrared Goggles


These help us diagnose the correct canals involved in your BPPV subtype for best and long-lasting results.

specialized classes


Women’s Fitness

Building your pelvic floor back following pregnancy.  


Functional Exercise for Parkinson’s & MS

Runner’s Core & Yoga – “COGA”