Hypermobility Strengthening Program

Welcome to our Hypermobility Strengthening Program.

Sound familiar?

  • I have frequent strains and sprains.
  • My muscles, tendons and ligaments keep getting injured.
  • My joints feel unstable and it is tough for me to keep them from dislocating.
  • I have pain in many places, including feet, hips, wrists and neck.
  • My joint range of motion is excessive and I have coordination problems.
If these are familiar to you, then you may have hypermobility. The good news? You’re not alone!  Due to multiple body parts and painful areas, many places have a tough time making you better. But, you can make a huge improvement in your quality of life with our hypermobility strengthening program!

Example of an exercise to gain symmetry, strength and balance of the “upper 2 corners”

Our personalized hypermobility strengthening program offers relief for those suffering from hypermobility.

When you trust your muscular and joint health to the team at PhysioFit of North Carolina, we take the time to get to know the whole you so we can personalize your recovery program for your unique and complex condition. There is hope for a better tomorrow, and we’re committed to helping you get back to what matters most to you.
With our 1-on-1 sessions, your therapist will take the time to get to know you and your complete personal history to help identify all contributing factors related to your pain and difficulties due to hypermobility.
We don’t just show you exercises but focus on improving your symmetry, balance, strength and coordination of your extremities and spine.
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A detailed musculoskeletal exam that contributes to your personalized therapy plan.

We start with three phases of our Hypermobility Strengthening Exam: Neck Control, Trunk Control and Core Control. This exam is done in a private room with you and your therapist. The Exam identifies weak areas, asymmetries, and imbalances. This provides us with your overall muscular performance to uncover the underlying “why”.

Craniocervical Stability Testing

This is a series of tests and evaluations used to assess the functioning of deep stabilizer muscles of the cervical spine.  This tells us how your neck can “hold up to” being upright all day long, its relationship to posture and symptoms of neck pain, dizziness, headaches and even POTS.

4 Corners Assessment

This is a series of tests examining if you are able to properly activate and control scapula and pelvic stabilizers.  This will help us assess your current trunk control and develop a symmetry plan.

Core and Pelvis Analysis

This is a series of tests examining if you are able to properly activate your core. This may involve a pelvic floor exam, if necessary.  This will help us assess your current deep core stabilizers and develop a proper stability plan. 

Cervical Kinesthetic Sensibility Testing

If you’re ready to find relief and begin your journey, feel free to call us today to discuss how we can help or you can book an evaluation below.

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