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Is BPPV related to Tinnitus?

Is BPPV related to tinnitus is a common question we get as neck and vestibular [...]

Undeniable Benefits of Trigger Point therapy

Trigger point treatment is a type of manual therapy that focuses on locating and eliminating [...]

Things you should know about Trigger Point Therapy

You may experience painful “knots” or trigger points if your muscles are overused or strained [...]

Myofascial trigger point and tension-type headaches

Migraine and tension-type headaches both have myofascial trigger points (MTrPs), which are hyperirritable spots in [...]

How to Treat Trigger Points for Muscle Relief ?

Trigger points are painful, and difficult to move muscle knots in your neck, shoulders, or [...]

TMJ Pain Treatment in Wake Forest, NC

I bet many of you didn’t know we treated TMJ Disorders and other Facial Pain [...]

Yoga and Core Strength for Runners

Attention runners! ??‍♀️ How many times have you said ✅”I really should try yoga” ✅ “I need to [...]

Fibromyalgia Relief in Wake Forest, NC

We know how challenging and difficult it is to live with Fibromyalgia. As shown in [...]

Treatment of Neck Pain in Wake Forest, NC

Woooah! Look at all of that anatomy in your neck! If you’re looking for neck [...]

Does your MRI findings matter?!

☝??Sometimes we can all get hung up on the aging process and claim X rays [...]