Why Choose us ?

Movement is Medicine

With so many fitness options available, why choose us?

Small class size

No better way to get the individual attention but not pay the individual price than a small class size.  Our studio fits max of 14 participants so no matter what class you choose, we guarantee you will feel comfortable and recognized.

Timeless group classes offerings

Fitness programs can be trendy and transitory.  What has stood the test of time and some of the best approaches for an aging body is what we offer.  Try one of our multiple Pilates or Prenatal Yoga classes today!

Multiple offerings for your budget

Exercise should not break your budget but we do believe it is vital to a healthy lifestyle for a more comfortable quality of life.  Therefore, our group fitness series are priced fairly for the specialized instructors and classes within a small group setting.

Special conditions

We created our studio to help others feel better and move better.  This is even more important for individuals who suffer from:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Disc Herniations
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Prior Surgeries
  • Ongoing Injuries

Our group instructors craft the group exercise approach around the guidance and expertise of our physical therapists.  Our therapists treat these conditions individually but ultimately want our patients to exercise in a safe, inviting and comforting environment.  Our studio offers this and you will not find this approach anywhere else in the Triangle.

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“I have so many injuries, and have been reluctant to go to any classes, as I am self-conscious about my limitations and general lack of fitness these days. The classes at PhysioFit couldn’t be more different than what I expected. The teachers pay attention to your needs, and help with modifying moves as needed. I have learned so much already in the yoga “rest and restore” class with Jenna – physically and mentally. I highly recommend you check out their classes as well as their other services.”