TMJ Relief and Neck Pain Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Temporomandibular disorders or TMJ Pain are often associated with headache and neck pain.

In research studies, cervical posture is related to different factors of the body such as craniofacial morphology and temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ pain).

This means the posture of your neck can be affecting your jaw and vice-versa!

The choice to deal also with TMD is because the relationship between temporomandibular joint “status” and head-neck posture should be investigated, within the craniocervical mandibular unit.

Some studies, but not all, find correlation between the presence of symptoms of craniocervical dysfunction and temporomandibular disorders. Clinically, we can assess both areas of the body and determine how related they are, or how unrelated they are, in order to provide you treatments that are best suited to you.

Basically, this means we do not have a cookie cutter approach but tailor all treatments to your presentation!

If you are having headaches, neck pain, TMJ pain and even dizziness, contact us to determine if we can help you.

The Physical Therapists at PhysioFit address ALL of these symptoms within our “Physio Blend” – meaning, you can get treatments to your neck pain, headaches, TMJ and dizziness ALL in one place!

We are able to do this through orthopedic manual therapy to your stiff joints, tight muscles (soft tissues and fascial structures), exercise to strengthen your shoulders and neck and manuevers to fix your dizziness!

Learn more about our services and pricing model below:
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