Meet Your Group Instructors

Jenna Skarda-Higgins

Lead Instructor, Yoga Instructor

Jenna was first introduced to practicing yoga at 15 years old and soon fell in love with the personal, physical and spiritual benefits. She started instructing six years ago and prides herself on creating a communal feeling in a small and connected group. Jenna is currently E-RYT200 and Group Ex certified. She has also earned her Decision Education and Risk Management certification from Stanford and uses it to help clients evaluate their own needs. Her professional passion is working one on one with clients who are recovering from acute injuries and chronic illness as well as supporting individuals who are new to fitness. Her teachings are strongly focused on physical alignment and helping people build their individual practice and healthy lifestyle on their own terms.

Kali Depreaux-Jensen

Yoga Instructor

Kali fell in love with yoga in 2012 while on the search for a new indoor fitness activity other than the gym.  While she started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, she was pleasantly surprised by the emotional benefits that came along with it.  Kali began teaching yoga in 2015 and is RYT 200 certified with additional prenatal/postnatal training. Kali’s favorite classes to teach are Prenatal and Baby & Me because those were the most fun for her to take!

Kali works in accounting and holds a BBA with an MBA in progress.  In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband, son, and four rescue dogs!

Vivien Green, MBA, RYT200

Yoga & Functional Exercise for Parkinson’s/MS Instructor

Vivien’s focus is on healthy aging. Being an older adult herself, and having more than ten years of experience working with seniors, she understands the limitations we all experience as we age, and believes that yoga should be accessible to every human being, regardless of age, physical limitations or level of fitness. Vivien came to yoga practice 7 years ago, and decided after moving to North Carolina in 2016 to pursue becoming a yoga teacher – which was a life changing experience. Prior to moving from New England to Raleigh, NC, she ran two senior centers in New Hampshire, designing, implementing and managing life enrichment activities for older adults aged 50+; including health and wellness classes, yoga and meditation. It was there she found great joy in working with seniors. As a teacher, Vivien specializes in Gentle Yoga for 50+ and chair adapted yoga classes which are particularly beneficial for older adults, those with chronic health concerns or limited range of motion due to injury, surgery or age. Chair Yoga can be done by everybody! Her desire is to encourage older adults at any age to explore the wonderful wellness and health benefits of yoga, and incorporate it into their daily life.

Amy Legge

Yoga Instructor

Amy began practicing yoga in 2012 as a stretchy supplement to other workouts, but discovered the other benefits of the practice during a life upheaval. Her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT-200) exposed her to the full array of what yoga has to offer and she fell in love with the practice. She is currently working toward her 500-hour certification so she can continue to evolve the depth of her personal practice and her teaching.  

Amy is passionate about sharing yoga and whole-heartedly believes it is for everyone! She is continually humbled by the breadth of the benefits including increasing strength and mobility, controlling energy, calming the nervous system, stilling the mind, improving balance through improved proprioception and so much more. The breath is just the beginning of the magic.

Amy Legge, Yoga Instructor
Kristen O'Keefe

Kristen O’Keefe

Yoga Instructor

For over 20 years, Kristen has been on a path of devotion to better serve her family and community by bringing the art and roots of yoga to life. She is passionate about empowering others to explore their highest potential by integrating and weaving the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and the medicinal qualities of mindful movement meditations with the modern science of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and neurology. She aspires to awaken in others a wellspring of greater vitality, fluidity, connection, and compassion. Her gurus are her children/zen masters Kai and Jonah whose pure loving spirits have opened inexpressible worlds of joy into her life. Her favorite part of teaching is witnessing others find an inner calm and blissful presence in meditation which she believes is the greatest gift to humanity.

Megan Presley

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Megan is an E-RYT 200 certified through yoga alliance and a certified Pilates mat instructor. She has over five years of yoga teaching experience and is super passionate about making your yoga practice functional, safe, and effective. She has spent over 50 days at a Vipassana mediation center, so she can help effectively guide you through mindfulness and body awareness strategies. She seeks to empower you through education of how your body works and moves, so you can take your knowledge off the mat and apply it towards living freely in your body.

Ashley Sayaloune

Ashley Sayaloune

Yoga Instructor

Ashley began teaching hybrid therapeutic yoga / corrective exercise programs in 2016 with the goal of helping those with chronic conditions create more active lifestyles and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. She fell into the world of modified exercise after clients began finding remedy and relief from their chronic issues in her local yoga classes.
She has had exemplary results helping clients find lasting relief from arthritis, sciatica, osteoporosis, lymph edema, and scoliosis in her 1-1 and small group programs.

She recently completed certification as a Human Movement Specialist in the Spring of 2021. Her undying lust for learning keeps her busy with continued education and research on an almost daily basis, finding new and innovative ways to give her clients the very best results long term.

Ian Willis

Tai Chi Instructor

Ian began learning Tai Chi as an undergraduate from Chinese professors. It has been a lifelong practice since then. He uses the Tai Chi philosophy in general education and in the instruction of Tai Chi class. 

Over thirty years later, it is still a learning opportunity in research, movements, and qualifications. Ian completed his certification in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention with the Tai Chi Health Institute in 2021. 

As an arthritis sufferer, the practice of the Sun movements keeps the mind sharp, joints moving, and improves balance!

Ian Willis, Tai chi instructor

Tori Zillman

Pilates Instructor

Tori began practicing Pilates in college while earning her B.S. in Exercise Science and Dance Science at Elon University. Initially she was drawn to Pilates to improve her dance performance, but she quickly recognized the benefits it had in other aspects of her life. After committing to a regular Pilates regimen, Tori relieved joint pain and saw recognizable improvements in her posture.

Since then, Tori has trained with Balanced Body to help others enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. Her classes focus on safety and proper alignment while strengthening and stretching the whole body.

When Tori isn’t teaching Pilates, she is teaching dance to students of all ages and abilities! She loves finding new ways to creatively incorporate her dance knowledge into her Pilates sequences, and vice versa.