Would Yoga cause my knee arthritis to hurt more?

One of the biggest concerns we get as Physical Therapists is,

I don’t want to exercise as it will flare up my arthritis!

Of course this is a major issue that should not happen with exercise as it does two things:

  1. Firstly, it creates fear to exercise and get the many benefits of being active.
  2. Secondly, it may lead someone to saying, “any exercise” didn’t work for me so gives when this is relayed to a physician, he/she usually thinks ….well, if exercise didn’t help, let’s try injections, medications and/or surgery.

When it comes to exercising with pathology or injury, PhysioFit of NC promotes ourselves in our model of Feel it to Heal it Physio. This basically means you should feel exercises where you SHOULD, but more importantly, you should NOT feel it where you should NOT! This is the ultimate solution to getting the benefit of exercise without “picking” at the joint.

Yoga has been shown to improve strength and flexibility, but it is a general exercise approach. Therefore, the physical therapist and certified Yoga instructors at PhysioFit of NC have teamed up to provide a specific Yoga exercise approach just for knee osteoarthritis!

The program will provide poses and moves to improve quadricep strength, flexibility in the hamstrings and calves while minimizing stress on the knee joint.

Oh — and we couple it with the powerful manual approach of dry needling to give you the ultimate combo of relief and movement medicine!

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