Is walking good for me if I have knee arthritis?

This video blog talks about how long you should walk without having adverse events if you are having severe knee arthritis and also if walking backwards is more effective than walking forward!

If you are having knee arthritis or knee osteoarthritis, you don’t have to live in complete pain! There are also other options for you instead of having injections, taking medications all of the time and the ultimate decision, to avoid a total knee replacement.

If you want to start an exercise program but afraid as you do not want your knee to hurt more, or as we call it, “picking at your knee” —- then contact us to see if we are a right fit for you either in our 1:1 physical therapy appointments or small group fitness studio.

During our physical therapy treatments, we offer various manual therapy options including dry needling, knee mobilizations, stretching and strengthening. Our ultimate goal is to maximize the function of your knee and surrounding muscles/joints and allow you to be more active with less pain.

References for video blog:

Effect of 6-week retro or forward walking program on pain, functional disability, quadriceps muscle strength, and performance in individuals with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial (retro-walking trial)

Conclusion: The 6-week retro walking program compared with forward walking or control groups resulted in greater reduction in pain and functional disability and improved quadriceps muscle strength and performance in individuals with knee arthritis.

The maximum tolerated dose of walking for people with severe osteoarthritis of the knee: a phase I trial.

Conclusion: There is preliminary evidence that 70 min per week of moderate intensity supervised walking was safe and feasible for people with severe OA of the knee; for higher doses there was a risk of exacerbating knee pain levels.

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