Dry Needling for Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be difficult to differentiate between actual visceral organ versus muscular (myofascial) etiology. There are some clinical tests that can assist in a clinician ruling in more of a myofascial condition, but depending on the history and presenting symptoms, we do recommend consulting with your physician for a thorough abdominal examination.

With that said, many patients have ongoing abdominal pain that has been examined by a physician with appropriate tests and no findings. This type of presentation usually gives us the green light to examine myofascial trigger points as a potential trigger of abdominal pain. As the abdominal wall comprises mainly of skeletal muscles, the pain could arise from the specific Myofascial Trigger points. Myofascial Trigger Points are hyperirritable points in the skeletal muscle that is exquisitely tender in a palpable taut band, which can cause local and referred pain.

  • The patient generally has a nagging pain and at times may experience intense and deep-seated pain in the abdominal region.

    • Often, the patient can pinpoint the exact site of the pain.

This is usually overlooked in the medical field but even though this type of pain can be challenging, there are some treatment options.

Dry Needling in Wake Forest, NC

Dry needling is performed by using mono filament needle through the skin without introduction of any drug to stimulate myofascial trigger points and connective tissue for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain.

Usually, the clinician will determine if if someone is appropriate for dry needling if the following criteria are met:

1) palpation of a taut band in a muscle

2) identification of an exquisitely tender nodule (MTrP) in the taut band

3) reproduction of the patient’s symptomatic pain with sustained pressure.

Dry Needling therapy in resolving the myofascial abdominal pain. Dry Needling is less utilized in abdominal muscles compared to any other region in the body.

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