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Have you tried everything for your pain?!

 Have you tried everything for your pain but just not getting better?!  ? ?Majority of [...]

Plantar Fasciitis Relief using Dry Needling in Wake Forest, NC

NC ??For those of you struggling with plantar fasciitis, a 2018 article published brings to [...]

TMJ Relief and Neck Pain Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Temporomandibular disorders or TMJ Pain are often associated with headache and neck pain. In research [...]

Yoga for Arthritis Pain Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Yoga is a psycho-physical exercise with slow movements associated with muscle strengthening to improve one’s [...]

Arthritis Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Three major modalities of treatment applying for management of arthritic patients are drugs, nonpharmacological interventions, [...]

Yoga for Pain Relief from Arthritis

For people with arthritis, physical activity is essential for optimal disease management and preserving mobility. [...]

What does knee adduction moment mean in Yoga, exercise & knee arthritis?

The external knee adduction moment represents the net medial-to-total joint distribution of load at the [...]

Would Yoga cause my knee arthritis to hurt more?

One of the biggest concerns we get as Physical Therapists is, I don’t want to [...]

Diastasis Recti Relief in Wake Forest, NC

I need to brag on this super momma, who came to therapy with a significant [...]

Medication Overuse Headache

Medication overuse headache (MOH) is a chronic daily headache and a secondary disorder in which acute [...]