Yoga for Pain Relief from Arthritis

For people with arthritis, physical activity is essential for optimal disease management and preserving mobility.

Exercise helps maintain range of motion, joint stability, and muscle mass, while reducing pain and fatigue.

Yoga may be well-suited for arthritis by combining physical activity with potent stress management techniques including breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Yoga is associated with substantial improvements in physical and general health perceptions, physical roles, walking, pain, energy, and mood.

Even more importantly for you all wondering if exercise will make symptoms worse, a 2015 Randomized Control Trial Found:

Regular yoga practice was not associated with worsening joint symptoms or adverse events. 

Therefore, yoga is an acceptable to people with arthritis and does not aggravate joint disease.

At PhysioFit of North Carolina, our classes are designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy and instructors are specifically trained to be mindful and have close supervision on participants with medical conditions.

Our classes are only 14 participants or less and we do offer individual sessions with our Certified Yoga Instructors and Physical Therapists.

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