What does exercise do to help my knee arthritis?

When it comes to having pain, the last thing someone wants to do is exercise!

However, exercise can have huge benefits and a now the healthcare profession is definitely pushing the concept of “Movement is Medicine”.

So, the question is, how will exercise improve my knee arthritis?

First, exercise can enhance cardiovascular benefits, muscular strength, balance, and coordination; all of these are thought to be able to reduce joint pain.

As the severity of pain is directly correlated with the degree of muscle weakness, stronger muscles and better coordination improve the stability of the joints and lessen pain. Increased peri-articular muscle strength may also protect joints from traumatic impacts.

Second, evidence suggests that the mind-body component may influence immune, endocrine, neurochemical and autonomic functioning. An improved restful state and mental tranquility may help break the arthritis “pain cycle”.

Why choose PhysioFit’s Knee Arthritis Yoga Class?

Our group environment with individuals who have similar condition as you can help build confidence, get support and overcome fears of pain. Together, these can lead to improved physical, psychological and psychosocial well-being and overall quality of life.

This is in addition to the science behind our approach of providing exercise that can build strength, balance and flexibility without “picking” at your knee, so you can be certain that we will not (or try not to!) flare up your symptoms!

How can I learn more?

Feel free to contact us to speak with us personally to see if our class is right fit for you!