Have you been told to improve core strength for your low back pain?

Do you eat soup with a fork?

Of course not, as this is silly since there is a better product. The spoon—it is designed to work specifically for specific foods.

So, how does this relate to core strength and back pain?

I have been treating low back pain for over 10 years and I can tell you, cookie cutter approaches typically do not work!

There are many strategies to help your pain and improving core strength is always a viable one that is recommended by doctors, specialists and physical therapist.

I agree that getting stronger can make you more durable, but sometimes you may be NOT be maximizing your benefit from all of your hard work!

Take this picture for example:

The dotted green lines down at pant line and up towards top of shirt are the borders to where this patient can FEEL their low back!

What do you mean feel?!

We test tactile acuity with two point discrimination (see picture below) and this gives an inside look of how the sensory cortex in the brain detects the back!

How cool is that?!

But what does this mean?

Basically, this can mean the difference if you can get better or not!

Check out this picture and numbers written on this patient’s back:

What these numbers show is that this patient went from NOT being able to feel two points on the caliber to having this improvement in discriminating the tissues with touch on his back!

The back is mirrored in the sensory cortex as shown below, which lines right beside the motor cortex. Therefore, if the sensation with two point discrimination is impaired, then how good are your core exercises?!

So what does this mean with physical therapy?

The improvement seen here is within 1 session and it allowed the patient to perform movements (as we know movement is medicine!) and get the most out of treatment vs just “doing exercises”.

We don’t just “prescribe” exercises but take a whole look and maximize your performance in the clinic.

Because how can you “feel” your core when you don’t have the best connection from your core/back to your brain!

PhysioFit is not your typical rehab setting. Our 1:1 sessions and specialized treatment approaches are unlike anywhere else!