Trauma Informed Care for Pelvic Floor Therapy

Trauma informed care for the pelvic floor
Trauma informed care for the pelvic floor
Trauma informed care for pelvic floor therapy goes beyond traditional approaches, recognizing the profound impact of trauma on pelvic health. This specialized therapy creates a safe and supportive environment where trauma survivors can embark on a journey of healing.
Research has shown that our bodies store stressful or traumatic events and the simplest of things can trigger a trauma response bringing our bodies into the sympathetic nervous system. In fact, 85% of women have reported exposure to at least one traumatic event during their lifetime.
Our pelvic floor physical therapy includes trauma informed care interwoven throughout treatments. We understand that each person and their story is unique. Each person deserves the respect and care to help them feel safe and secure while in our clinic.

What causes trauma?

There are many causes of trauma.  Traumas can include:
  • military or police enforcement
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • falls
  • physical, sexual abuse
Common symptoms connected with trauma are:
  • persistent pain
  • painful pelvic floor
  • digestive problems
  • some autoimmune conditions are becoming linked with adverse childhood events.

Trauma Informed Care in Wake Forest and Raleigh

At PhysioFit of North Carolina, we work to help patients understand how to promote the parasympathetic nervous system through breathing, mindfulness and purposeful movements. Healing is possible and a journey worth venturing on.
By understanding the interconnectedness of mind, body, and emotions, therapists employ gentle techniques and empowering strategies to address trauma-related symptoms such as pain, tension, and dysfunction.
Through a compassionate and trauma-sensitive lens, individuals are empowered to reclaim their pelvic health, rebuild trust, and restore balance.
Trauma informed pelvic floor therapy at PhysioFit of North Carolina offers a transformative path towards physical and emotional well-being, nurturing the resilience and wholeness of every individual.

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