Do you have hearing loss? You may benefit from our balance classes.

Balance is a complex process that involves multiple sensory integrations. The auditory, visual, and vestibular systems are the main contributors.

Hearing loss or hearing impairment may induce inappropriate postural strategies that could affect balance and therefore increase the risk of falling.

All the sensory systems, including hearing acuity, reduce their capacity throughout aging and such functional decrease is also related with an increased risk of falls.

It has been shown through several studies that hearing loss negatively acts on postural control, therefore, negatively affecting balance.

Bad balance can be from an impairment in postural instability, which affects static (standing still), dynamic (moving, bending, etc) balance, and gait (walking) and increase your fear of falling.

Balance relies on continuous afferent inputs from multisensory modalities (visual, vestibular, somatosensory, and auditory) and a reduction of any of these leads to a feedback reduction in controlling balance.

Results by Thomas et al in 2018 said this about persons with hearing loss:

A program for proper postural interventions in subjects with hearing loss in order to avoid falls that could increase the risk of mortality especially in an elderly population physiologically subjected to increased hearing loss.

We developed several of our group fitness classes around improving balance, lower limb strength and core stability.

If you are looking to maintain activity levels while improving these aspects of your life so you can continue to have a high quality of life, contact us to see if our studio is a right fit for you!

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