Cupping for Neck Pain Relief in Wake Forest, NC

Do you sit at the computer all day?! Wouldn’t this feel good to your tight neck muscles?! This is a great approach for fast relief and help pain if you’re having shoulder and neck pain!

We like how cupping can get to the hard to reach areas such as the base of the neck! Try this to feel limber, looser, and less achey – fast. We supplement manual therapy to the back to loosen your muscles and joints with corrective exercises to improve strength, flexibility and core stability to get you feeling better, faster!

We couple this treatment with other flexibility exercises and strengthening exercises in our realm of “Feel it to Heal it Physio” to maximize your relief and avoid exercises that aggravate symptoms as not only do we teach you WHERE on your body to feel exercises, but more importantly, where NOT to feel certain exercises!

This way you don’t come out of treatment sore and irritable, which can be a negative reaction to typical exercise routines!
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