Neck Stretch for Pain Relief

Where do you feel the stretch?!

This could be the reason why you are having neck pain, shoulder pain, cervical radiculopathy and even shoulder and upper back pain!

If you’re looking down for a stretch at home, but not feeling symmetrical stretch in your neck area, but having asymmetrical “hot spots” or down in your back, then you aren’t getting the most out of your stretches and may be reason why you aren’t getting better!

Try this at home and see WHERE you feel it and help yourself get the most out of your stretches, gym exercises and strength training to get most out of pain relief and athletic enhancement.

Feel it to Heal it Physio shows you WHERE you should your neck stretch when looking down, but more importantly, where you should NOT feel it!

If you FEEL this in your neck, good job! If you don’t and having issues as shown in video, you aren’t moving the way you should OR could.
We are your specialists in movement and pain.

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