82% of women who have migraines also experience neck tightness

82% of women who have migraines also experience neck tightness

Neck pain and stiffness may be a premonitory symptom occurring a few hours before other migraine symptoms.

What does premonitory mean?

This is not considered an “aura” per say, but the adjective premonitory in this sense is saying that neck pain could arise before your migraine, therefore, could mean that a migraine has a higher possibility of coming on!

What does this mean if I have migraines and neck pain?

When compared to controls, migraineurs have :

  1. more tender and tight craniocervical musculature

  2. greater forward head posture

  3. and decreased cervical mobility.

Therefore, even though the pathology of migraine is not necessarily rooted in the muscles and joints, migraines may be referred from the pain and stiffness that starts in the neck.

What can Physical Therapy do to help my migraines and neck pain?



Physical therapists are able to examine cervical spine dysfunction and determine if related if you have:

  1. poor posture

  2. Decreased range of cervical movements

  3. Decreased strength of cervical muscles

  4. Reduced cervical muscle length and pain if muscles are stretched

  5. Presence of trigger points

  6. Reduced neural mobility

  7. Pain with manual examination of each joint

If you suffer from Migraines and Neck pain and have never had a thorough, formal examination by a physical therapist, we recommend you at least have an evaluation and determine if any relationship between your neck and migraine.

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