Do crystal treatments help vertigo?

Vertigo Treatment for Crystals

Crystal treatments to help vertigo is a common phrase we hear!

There are many “crystal” treatments to help vertigo.  The good news:

Crystal treatments do and can help vertigo.

However, you should have the correct treatment.

When most people speak of crystals in their ear, they are most likely speaking about the diagnosis of BPPV.When most people speak of vertigo, they are most likely speaking about the diagnosis of BPPV.

Therefore, when you hear crystals and vertigo, it is most likely BPPV!

BPPV is short for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  BPPV is a common vestibular disorder.

The most common symptoms of BPPV are recurrent episodes of vertigo lasting a minute or less produced by changes in the head position.

Moreover, posterior canal BPPV is the most common variant of BPPV, accounting for approximately 90% of cases.

Therefore, when most people speak of vertigo and crystal manuever, this canal is the most likely one that was treated.

Do crystal treatments help vertigo?

Epley maneuvers, also called canalith-repositioning procedure, have been developed for treating vertigo with a high rate of success.

It is usually performed by a physical therapist or even some doctors.

In fact, the success rate of the crystal treatment is reported to be 63–100%.

The goal of crystal treatment is to enable the displaced particles to move from the posterior semicircular canal and back into the utricle.  The maneuvers use the force of gravity to help accomplish this goal!

This sounds complicated but the results are worth it!  Many people feel relief immediately!

If you are looking for treatments to help vertigo, feel free to contact us for an evaluation to see if you do in fact have BPPV and what the correct manuever is for you.