Do you get dizzy when you lie down in your bed?

Vertigo Treatment in Wake Forest

Have you ever experienced dizziness when laying down, rolling to the side, or looking up?

Check out this video below to see what happens with the eye that causes you to feel that spinning sensation ?

Positional vertigo occurs when you have a blockage in the inner ear, causing a change in the signal sent to the brain which results in a “nystagmus”, which is what you see below. No wonder you feel dizzy- check out that eye!!! ?

PhysioFit has the equipment and experience to diagnosis and treat in the clinic, in most cases within 1-2 visits!

Repositioning treatment is the #1 way to treat this type of dizziness, so don’t just live with it– let us help you resolve it!

Schedule an evaluation with our vestibular specialist, Dr. Danielle Vaughan.