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BPPV treatment

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the most common vestibular disease.  BPPV relief comes after a thorough examination by a skilled vestibular therapist. 

Vestibular physical therapy can help with many dizziness disorders, including BPPV.

Therefore, vestibular physical therapy is the first choice of treatment that you should try before surgery and medications.

Can I self-treat BPPV?

There are many YouTube videos of self-treatments of BPPV. However, we highly recommended to seek out a professional help for BPPV.

There are many causes of dizziness and it is not always BPPV.  We recommend differential diagnosis of other causes of dizziness before self BPPV relief treatments. 

What can be done for BPPV relief?

After a diagnosis, recent guideline of the American Academy of Otolaryngology  strongly recommends canalith repositioning procedure as initial therapy for BPPV relief. 

With that said, there are various forms of crystal treatments to help BPPV.  Your therapist will determine which form is best for you.

Canalith repositioning procedures are known as crystal treatments.

The success of the treatment depends on the identification and specification of the type of BPPV and the semicircular canal involved.

Vestibular physical therapy includes the evaluation and treatment of the inner ear, balance and postural systems.

A licensed physical therapist with additional training in vestibular therapy should be first choice.

The combined home program and office-based treatment may be the best option for the patients to improve the efficacy of BPPV treatment.

In many cases, you can get relief within 1 to 3 visits!

Contact us so you can start relief for your BPPV today!

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