Grip Strength Program

Welcome to our Grip Strength Program.

Sound familiar?

  • I can’t carry things like I used to.
  • My wrist hurts when I lift weights. 
  • I constantly have tightness in my thumb and hand.
  • My elbow always needs stretching. 
  • It hurts my arm and wrist to pick up my child. 
  • I cannot lift heavier because the weight is too heavy for my grip.
If these are familiar to you, then you will benefit from a grip score examination. The good news? You’re not alone!  Grip strength declines with age and is a major cause of wrist, elbow and shoulder pain.  But, you can make a huge improvement in your quality of life with our Grip Strength Program!

Trigger Point Manual Therapy

Our personalized grip strength program improves pain and arm function.

When you trust your hand and wrist to the team at PhysioFit of North Carolina, we take the time to get to know the whole you so we can personalize your program for your unique and complex condition. There is hope for a better tomorrow, and we’re committed to helping you get back to what matters most to you.
With our 1-on-1 sessions, your therapist will take the time to examine several grip scores and wrist stability to determine your current function and compare it to others in your age group.  We get to know you and your complete personal history to help identify all contributing factors related to your hand weakness. 
Leveraging our Feel it to Heal it Physio approach, our grip, wrist and finger exams will pinpoint the specific faulty movement patterns that contribute to your grip weakness.
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The most informative Grip Exam that contributes to your personalized therapy plan.

There are three phases of our Grip Strength Program Exam: Thumb and Wrist Strength Testing, Wrist Stability Testing and Hands-on Assessment. This exam is done in a private room with you and your therapist. The Exam identifies pain generators, muscle imbalances, and dysfunction in grip strength. This provides us with your overall hand and wrist performance to uncover the underlying “why”.

Grip Strength

Our daily lives have caused an almost 20% decrease in grip strength since 1985! This is due to continuous use of smartphones and computer mice.  We exam the 3 phases of your grip to start a treatment plan to fix it.

Wrist Stability Testing

Wrist stability refers to the ability to resist excessive movement or deviation during various activities. Weak wrist stability can lead to problems like wrist pain, injury, or reduced functionality,  We can detect dysfunction in wrist stability to enhance movement control and reduce pain.

Muscle Imbalances

We commonly find muscle imbalances in our exam, which explains the “tug of war” that your wrist and hand goes through all day long!  Finding these deviations is necessary to allow for smooth and coordinated movement to promote proper grip strength. 

Grip Strength Testing

If you’re ready to find relief and begin your journey, feel free to call us today to discuss how we can help or you can book an evaluation below.

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Why is Grip Strength Important?

Grip and pinch strengths are generally the most important parameters to determine hand function. Examining grip and pinch strength provides diagnostic information that can supplement a well-rounded fitness routine.  Improving grip can also improve one of your 6 Green Zones. Our examination provides us with your overall hand and wrist health performance to maximize grip with sports, work and decrease injury risk.

Functional Ability

Grip strength is crucial for performing daily tasks such as opening jars, carrying groceries, turning doorknobs, and holding onto objects securely. It is a fundamental aspect of functional independence.

Health and Longevity

Studies have shown that grip strength is a reliable predictor of overall health and longevity. Poor grip strength has been associated with a higher risk of disability, chronic conditions, and mortality.

Hand Health

Hands were never made to be on smartphones and mice all day! Maintaining good grip strength helps support the health of the hands and wrists, reducing the risk of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

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