Cervicogenic Dizziness

What is Cervicogenic Dizziness?

Cervicogenic Dizziness can be described as lightheadiness, unsteadiness, or drunkenness. It is not normally described as actual vertigo, hence the reason we do not use “cervical vertigo” as the main diagnosis. It can be common in individuals who have disc disease, arthritis and neck pain. It is even more common in individuals who have had a concussion, whiplash or other type of traumatic brain injury. We also find it even more common with individuals who have recurrent BPPV or other vestibular pathologies.

At PhysioFit of North Carolina, our team aims to find exactly what causes your dizziness, which could be muscles and joints in the neck or jaw. We normally find these areas correlate with dysfunction in the inner ear or other central vestibular disorders. The differential diagnosis of Cervicogenic Dizziness can be challenging as dizziness can be difficult to describe, but with our two specialities, we are able to examine multiple systems. Based on information gained from our detailed examination, our physical therapists will illustrate clearly to you what individual structures are causing your dizziness by actively changing the quality of your symptoms there and then during the treatment.

Manual Therapy

Hands on treatments to specific cranial and cervical myofascial points and joints can improve pain, stiffness and kinesthetic awareness to help your dizziness symptoms.

Vestibular Therapy

Our infrared technology helps us diagnose if you have subsequent BPPV with your neck pain, which allows us to treat the correct canals and give you the best results.

Exercise Prescription

We know the right stretches and exercises that are best suited for neck pain and dizziness through our Feel it to Heal it Physio approach.

What are treatment options for Cervicogenic Dizziness?

Harrison and Danielle are dedicated hands-on manual and vestibular therapists, who passionately seek good outcomes.  We aim to provide you with the knowledge to help you with your condition, and provide honest and effective advice, management and treatment.

We have a unique approach of combining manual therapies to the jaw, face and neck with vestibular therapy to the eyes and balance systems & canalith repositioning manuevers to the inner ear.  The combined approach is unique to our specialities that you cannot find anywhere else in the Triangle.  Our goal is to maximize each individual’s progress toward an active, less limited lifestyle.

We take our knowledge in this field and treat physiotherapists and physical therapists nationally and internationally. We created an algorithm and have a published textbook on the Diagnosis of Cervicogenic Dizziness that is utilized all over the world.  You can learn more about this on our teaching website — can be found here.

Even if you are not local to the North Carolina region, we have a Cervicogenic Dizziness Program that can be implemented both in-clinic and with tele-health. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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