Post-op Rehabilitation

Post-op Rehabilitation

Post-op rehabilitation following a surgery requires your patience, a therapist’s continued guidance and consistent follow-up care. We strive to make any rehabilitation following a procedure the most comforting during and within treatments.

Our team of experts in musculoskeletal rehabilitation value your time, your sacrifice to go under the scalpel and goals to achieve the most success possible following your procedure. We do this by the following:

  • 1 on 1 time only with an experienced therapist

  • Due to the time spent only with you vs others at the same time, we normally see our patients once/week vs 2-3x/week.

  • We not only push towards achieving goals set within healing time for the localized, specific surgical site; but analyze the entire body to address any complaints that may arise in other joints or muscle groups that come from compensation strategies.

We set up our practice to spend the entire session with patients to provide them the attention needed to constantly evaluate, diagnosis and provide treatment. Our therapists utilize the foundation of being movement specialists alongside specific manual therapy approaches to provide appropriate bodywork and corrective exercises to amplify the effects of treatments.

A surgery is major life-changing procedure. Let our experience and expertise help you get the most out of your procedure to achieve the greatest results through rehabilitation services.

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