Why choose PhysioFit?

I need more attention, is this the class for me?

Our class sizes are typically just 6 to 8 participants!  Our small class size was created so you can get the personal attention you deserve while improving your core strength!

I have hurt myself in the past, will that happen in these classes?

While we can’t guarantee anything, we can tell you from experience that our approach to Pilates is unlike any of your large, corporate, chain-like competitors.  Our small class size and philosophy of making sure you feel exercises where you should provides you with the benefit of core stability without causing pain.

I am looking for Gentle Pilates, is this the class for me?

We specifically created our Gentle Pilates series for you!  Our approach is to provide slow, steady, but productive exercise approaches for those with pain, arthritis and previous injuries.  This is what makes our approach unique and effective. 

Is this Pilates for me?

Pilates is for anybody and everybody. From rehab clients that need the support of the springs to enhance recovery, to desk workers that sit too much, athletes and anyone on a pre- or postnatal fitness journey. Pilates is complimentary to all lifestyles.  

The philosophy behind Pilates is to build a strong powerhouse or core and then progress that outward. Progressing or regressing to the individual to challenge and strengthen in multiple ways is the key to getting the most of your sessions.  With our small class size and ability to work with those with pain or injuries, you will certainly get the expert care with our Pilates series. 

What type of Pilates options do you offer?

We offer 3 types of Pilates:

  1. Multiple Class Series held at once/week for 6 or 8 weeks in a row.  Learn more!
  2. Private Mat Pilates. Learn more!
  3. Private Reformer Pilates. Learn more!
Postpartum Pilates Wake Forest

Check out our calendar here to find our next Pilates class!

Why Pilates?

A growing body of research supports the use of Pilates to:— Rehabilitate from injury
— Prevent injury recurrence
—Improve postural control
—Maintain fitness during and after pregnancy
—Optimize biomechanics
—Maximize overall body function
— Improve efficiency of movement
— Building functional strength

What are the benefits of pilates?

1. Full Body Workout – globally strengthening the whole body to target the large muscle movers but also activate the smaller stabilizers.

2. Builds Strength and Tones Muscles – The reformer cleverly uses springs and levers to create resistance and allow equal focus on concentric and eccentric movement to create long lean muscle.

3. Low Impact but High Intensity – Exercises are designed to be non weight bearing, reducing the load through your body.

4. Improve Core Strength and Control – Targeting the deep abdominal muscles to improve posture and prevent injury

5. Improves Mental Health – Using steadiness of breath for mindfulness in movement and relaxation and the natural mood boost from exercise.


Check out our calendar here to find our next Pilates class!