Re-Calibrate. Reflect. Repeat.

The E-Mentorship Program is a personalized, online mentorship program intended for physical therapists, both for new graduates and even seasoned clinicians looking to get back into the orthopaedic field. The overall mission is to assist you in maximizing your results in the clinic by providing the most optimal treatment approaches based on your patient’s values, your skills and evidence; hence the 3 pillars of EBP. No red tape, no big ship to steer —- just me and you — getting you to be a better clinician!! My goal is to assist you in tackling the complex cases to gain results for the patient in regards to pain relief, decreased disability and improvement in function.

Manual Therapy

Hands on treatments to specific cranial and cervical myofascial points and joints can improve pain, stiffness and kinesthetic awareness to help your dizziness symptoms.

Vestibular Therapy

Our infrared technology helps us diagnose if you have subsequent BPPV with your neck pain, which allows us to treat the correct canals and give you the best results.

Exercise Prescription

We know the right stretches and exercises that are best suited for neck pain and dizziness through our Feel it to Heal it Physio approach.


A program will be set up personally between us in regards to duration and frequency. For most clients, it is recommended to have 60 minute sessions twice/month for 6 months to discuss complex cases in your patient load that could use assistance from a seasoned mentor.

Open to United States Physical Therapists and Physios all over the world (must be able to speak English).


The main reason is that I love to mentor and discuss complex cases!  I have been a part of >30 individual student DPTs and Fellows-in-training through their education as they gain higher level understanding and metacognition.  This is a passion of mine and I hope to pass it on to you to assist you in becoming the best clinician you can be!

I co-own a pay-for-service Physical Therapy clinic alongside my wife. I am able to take my advanced training and provide my treatment approaches to those in my community who have failed other avenues, including other PT practices.

I am for excellence and I push you to better yourself!

I am 14 years out of my DPT—enough time to gain experience but not be an “old-timer”.  I keep up with the evidence, newest trends but don’t get carried away with newest systems—sticking to concepts will never fail you.  Don’t fall victim to the latest and supposedly greatest approaches.

I enjoy the freedom of treating with creativity and passion that helps me excel at my craft. But I do not ignore the science and just put fancy exercises on the web. I am co-author of a diagnostic book on Cervicogenic Dizziness and co-author of pre-manual therapy guide to the cervical spine.

Yes, you can have BOTH the art and science to make this phenomenal profession of being a physical therapist a great career choice!


This is not a weekend continuing education course.  This is an informal, yet productive mentorship program that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world!  I know from my experience and training—the time with my mentors superseded any lectures and group lab time!

I will challenge you and your skills to gain the best possible outcomes for your patients.

I use what we discuss in clinical cases to maximize your subjective, objective and assessment findings to determine the most efficient plan of care based on the 3 pillars of EBP.

I have been fortunate to gain significant expertise and knowledge through my Diplomate and Fellowship Programs in Osteopractic Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, respectively in order to pursue this mentorship program for my peers.  These programs in themselves have required significant time, money and energy.  My hope is to give back!

What others say about the Program

I took part in the e-mentorship offered by Dr. Vaughan for Physical Therapists. We would meet every other week via video chat and discuss various aspects of patient care, clinical reasoning, and plan of care around interesting patient cases. We were interrupted by the pandemic and were unable to meet up via video chat for a few months, but during our consistent meetings, I was provided with thorough feedback, constructive ways to improve, and questions that challenged me to reflect and analyze my thinking and reasoning. It was very helpful to have someone to tell me that I was think along the right path or that I might have to do a little more of a thought process for. Being a new clinician, he also helped me keep things in perspective and really encouraged me to keep learning and expanding my knowledge. My being on the west coast, the scheduling was a little difficult at times, but we managed to work things out fine. He will challenge your thought process in a good way and provided you with the necessary feedback to expand your knowledge and improve your practice and I recommend this for any new/recent graduated clinician!

Jimmy / California

The teaching approach that Harrison takes is one that appeals to all types and levels of students and providers. His ability to break down concepts and portray his vision to his mentees both challenges your paradigm and motivates you to engulf yourself in the literature and techniques appropriate for all patients’ plan of care. I would highly recommend working with Harrison to enhance your career as a doctorate level physical therapist.

Cory / North Carolina

To put it quite frankly Dr. Vaughan is an excellent mentor. His ability to assess your clinical reasoning, skill set, and learning style are invaluable in his process. This enables a relationship the pushes you beyond your comfort zone in a constructive manor that facilitates optimal growth. I truly appreciated his openness to differing points of view. Through my year of mentoring with Dr. Vaughan I saw my clinical reasoning and skill set grow more than anticipated. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from Dr. Vaughan. I believe any clinician, no matter their point in career, would benefit from his instruction.

Justin / Kentucky