Gentle Yoga Series

Why should I take this class?

This 8-week Gentle Yoga series is designed for those who want a thorough but gentle whole-body stretch. This low impact class will renew you from head to toe!

One of the biggest concerns we get is that exercise hurts, and some gym programs are TOO difficult. Or, you may not find your “fit” in a program that is designed for younger or healthier individuals.

Our Gentle Yoga series can be a starter program to exercise or a way to move your joints and muscles without significant amount of stress so you can recover from higher impact activities in life. These can be as simple as prolonged standing on concrete or sitting in a computer chair all day at work!



Use this hour to be mindful of your breathing. Feel it move through your body and give you life. 

8 weeks

Our series are an 8-week commitment by design — so that you can begin to see a change in your health and your body from start to finish.



No matter where you are in your health or yoga journey, you can stretch your body to feel better. This class is designed with YOU in mind.

Am I appropriate for this class?

Chairs and props will be used to modify poses as needed. With practice you will have healthier joints, more flexible muscles, better balance, and a more relaxed, centered mind.

You will learn gentle yoga movements combined with relaxation, meditation & deep breathing exercises to help you let go of stress, refresh, renew, and recharge.

No prior yoga experience needed. All levels of fitness are welcome!

Please contact us if you are unsure if you are appropriate for the class.

Sample Gentle Yoga Poses by yoga instructor, Vivien

About Vivien, your yoga instructor

Vivien Green
Gentle Yoga Instructor

Vivien’s focus is on healthy aging. Being an older adult herself, and having more than ten years of experience working with seniors, she understands the limitations we all experience as we age, and believes that yoga should be accessible to every human being, regardless of age, physical limitations or level of fitness. Vivien came to yoga practice 7 years ago, and decided after moving to North Carolina in 2016 to pursue becoming a yoga teacher – which was a life changing experience. Prior to moving from New England to Raleigh, NC, she ran two senior centers in New Hampshire, designing, implementing and managing life enrichment activities for older adults aged 50+; including health and wellness classes, yoga and meditation. It was there she found great joy in working with seniors. Her desire is to encourage older adults at any age to explore the wonderful wellness and health benefits of yoga, and incorporate it into their daily life.