Class Description

Tailored to you


Our yoga classes are designed to be accessible and adaptable to all people in a serene, safe, and welcoming space.

We are dedicated to improving people’s health and supporting students to explore their own yoga, develop their very own personal yoga practice to build a healthier version of themselves. 

We have several types of classes that fit you!

Choose a class below that best fits your time and focus!


A regular Pilates practice improves posture, balance, and core strength, helping you to do the things you want to do. You will feel taller, sit straighter, and move with better balance and coordination. It is an exercise method that is truly for everyone.

Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, is a full-body method of exercise that is designed to strengthen, stretch, and stabilize. It uses both your own body, as well as specialized props and equipment to most effectively improve strength and flexibility. Originally called Contrology by Joseph Pilates, Pilates improves and maintains proper body alignment through a focus on control and precision of movements, increasing body awareness in the process.

Pilates classes emphasis the lengthening of the body and keeping spinal alignment, accompanied with focused breathing patterns, in order to build strength and flexibility. Much attention is placed on increasing core strength, known in Pilates as your powerhouse, which is especially beneficial for preventing or alleviating back and neck pain. Pilates is used not only as a regular fitness workout, but also for physical rehabilitation, helping individuals improve their movements and range of motion needed for activities of daily living. The benefits of Pilates are numerous, from increased lung capacity, improved pelvic floor function, and a stronger mind-body connection, to alleviated joint pain and improved bone density.   

This class is specifically created to reduce soreness and tight muscles through a series of Pilates Mat movements. We will focus on balance, control and stability of the core, our powerhouse, to create long lean muscles all centered around the breathe and plenty of stretching. 


Tai Chi

Tai Chi class will feature gentle movements combined with breathing and meditation suitable for beginners or those with some experience.  By the end of some weeks of practice, you will have a short set of movements that can be practiced to support a healthy lifestyle.