Why do I have dizziness after COVID – 19 vaccine?


As COVID-19 vaccines continue to rise, we are seeing patients arrive to our practice with side effects of dizziness after COVID-19 vaccine, which can be common.

A common side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine is dizziness.  But there is good news, if the cause is BPPV, then this can be treated by a vestibular specialist!

In many individuals, dizziness can go away within a few days but in others, it can last longer.If the dizziness feels more like vertigo, or “room spinning sensation”, then you may actually have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common peripheral vestibular diseases. Unlike some cases of dizziness that just go away on its own, the main treatment of this disease is rehabilitation therapy using canalith repositioning procedure. This can be managed by a vestibular specialist through a bedside examination and treatment.

BPPV symptoms are recurrent, brief attacks of vertigo. It is usually described as the room spinning for a short period of time.

Feeling dizzy after your COVID-19 vaccine?

Most recently, a medical study by van Damm et al examined which questions in the patient history most likely lead to diagnosing BPPV.

The authors found the most reliable symptoms for BPPV in patient history are a short duration of the dizziness spell and provocation of dizziness by rolling over in bed.

Of note, the length of symptoms are less than 1 minute.

Other common symptoms of BPPV are looking up, bending over, or lying down.

To summarize, dizziness after COVID-19 can be a common side effect. However, if it doesn’t go away in a few days, then you could actually have BPPV.This may go away on its own over time, but if not, we recommend seeking professional help.

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127 thoughts on “Why do I have dizziness after COVID – 19 vaccine?

  1. CD says:

    Thanks for acknowledging this side effect. No other site have seen does, nor did my doctor when I specifically asked him about it.

    • Gus Vrontos says:


      I have MS, and I did both AstraZeneca vaccines. After the second vaccine, my ears started ringing and I felt very dizzy, the nurses and doctor at the vaccine station kept me there for 2 hours, they let me leave only with a taxi. After a few days I went to my neurologist, she ordered and MRI. I found a herniated disk C5-C6. I don’t think it is chance that 10 minutes after the second shot I got extremely dizzy. After about 2 months, my neurologist perceived sibelium 5mg(one pill each night), this has really helped me. Speak to your doctor for advice.

    • Physiofit says:

      In most states, you can see a vestibular physical therapist without a physician referral as these trained therapist can perform a full evaluation and if BPPV, the first line treatment is canalith repositioning procedures. Other doctors are ENTs and even some chiropractors do it.
      Hope that helps!

      • Judy says:

        I am already unwell so now that i had the Pfizer vaccine and am experiencing vertigo my life has become unbearable i cant even look after myself im all alone too scared to shower in case i fall i cant carry groceried up my stairs im hungry dizzy and tired. But most of all angry and helpless. My doctor cant help as the medication isnt covered i cant afford it. He doesnt know about ne getting tge 2nd vaccine he said its a risk i have to decide on taking. So next time you wamt to tell people to grow up (previous post from an idiot) have some compassion and realize you are NOT a doctor and the vaccine has no previous studies done no one made you judge and jury. If you dont like what people are saying then bugger off.

        • Judy says:

          I suffered very extreme vertigo that’s the words the emergency doctor used after my first Pfizer vaccine was 6 days using wheel chair then not steady on my feet staggering for months after .also memory issues and tired almost 6 months and still issues now I am told I have to take the second vaccine if I want to be able to have a passport .this is crazy I was a healthy person no issues and now have to risk my health because government says I have to volunteer to take it .
          Even though my doctor advised me not to risk taking it because I could have more longer lasting issues after second dose .

      • Daisy says:

        Hi, I’ve been experiencing dizziness, a feeling that I’m about to faint or lose balance with later on headaches behind my ears and temples abs stuff neck ever since I got my first Pfizer vaccine in July. I only had 2 weeks feeling more normal, while rest has been a horrible debilitating dizziness which keeps me in bed all day. Brand Daroff exercises didn’t help, nor Stemetil nor Serc medications… it’s been now almost 3 months like that…

  2. Ann says:

    I have never had bppv and had 3 boughts of it after my first Pfizer shot beginning a week after and now after my second have had it every day! I wish I had seen posts about this connection before getting shots. I never would have. This is hell.

    • Physiofit says:

      Hi Ann,
      Don’t be too discouraged!
      The good thing with BPPV is that there are great diagnostic and treatment approaches! Simple, bedside manuevers can be highly effective. I would recommend seeking out a vestibular physical therapist near you.

    • AC says:

      I have had the exact same thing with my first shot and I am ferried if getting my second one. My Dr says it’s not connected …. I think it is. And when you say it’s hell – you are not kidding.

    • Jay says:

      I am suffering from the same thing. I took the first shot of pfizer and a week later out of nowhere felt like passing out and had nausea and dizziness. After 4 days it went away but then came back 15-20 days later and now I’ve been suffering from it everyday for over a month. I dont know what to do. nothing seems to help. It is hell in deed. I wish I would have never taken the shot. I had never suffered from anything like this before. Were you able to find a cure?

      • Michelle says:

        Any relief yet? I got my second pfizer vaccine at the end of April and am STILL feeling dizzy from it. I went to an ENT who ruled out an ear issue. Last week I saw a neurologist who thought I could have brain inflammation from the vaccine and prescribed steroid pills. They have not helped one bit.

        • Jay says:

          Not much relief yet. It’s been almost 3 months now and I have gone from having dizziness and nausea to having migraines almost every day. Went to physical therapy for BPPV but it seems the symptoms I have currently are red flags for not getting enough blood flow to my brain since I have been having Migraines, blurred vision sometimes, some nausea and dizziness and sleeplessness. I can’t seem to feel sleepy. I am waiting to get approved for a Doppler Ultrasound as recommended by the physical therapist to check around my neck arteries and nerves. I’m also scheduled to see a neurologist later this week. Hopefully someone can shed some light as to what is going on. I’m only 37 years old FFS. I have never in my life had any issues like this before the vaccine. I am 98% sure it was the cause and now I have to find a way to cure the damage it caused me. I pray to god It magically all goes away or someone gives me a cure already. It takes so long to see a doctor or get appointments. Hope everyone else is doing better.

          • Vicki says:

            Hi Jay, just went through the very same thing. First Pfizer shot, a week later I ended up in the ED with dizziness and rapid heartbeat. They did all the tests and everything came out normal however I felt worse than I’ve ever felt in my life. He said I had vertigo. The spinning and off balance feeling really took a toll. I had to file a work accommodation to work from home because the vertigo was so bad I couldn’t drive. After a normal brain, IAC’s & cervical MRI, multiple trips to the ENT dr and more tests, no one can tell me exactly why I had such severe vertigo. I saw my PCP, a Neurologist and an ENT. My ENT did say that the vaccine could’ve caused an inflammatory response in my system but no one else will say it. THE PFIZER VACCINE CAUSED ME TO HAVE A SEVERE CASE OF VERTIGO. I’m so relieved to see others are talking about it although I’m sorry that you all are going through this. The severe vertigo lasted 4 weeks straight, now it’s been 7 weeks since it started and I’m back driving to work and can at least function at a normal level. I’m still dizzy and off balanced most days but thankfully not as bad as it was. Start with an Ear, Nose and Throat dr, then you may progress to a Neurologist depending on how you feel. I’m about to start vestibular physical therapy and I’m praying that will help. None of the prescriptions helped, they gave me 2 prednisone tapers (steroid), meclizine (for inner ear), 2 different antibiotics, 2 different nose sprays and several different anti-depressants. NONE OF IT WORKED. The only thing that has helped is time and rest. Good luck

          • Rick says:

            Dear Jay,
            So sorry that you have had all these adverse problems since your covid ,vaccine.
            Jay from your symptoms,just maybe you may have type 2 diabetes,which can be managed by duet and exercise.
            I would talk to your doctor about this, at least it would give you some answers .
            All the best.

      • Kachervian Pittman says:

        I understand exactly what you are saying. For me it seems like every two weeks… I hate this…I’m 47 y/o and I know for a fact I have NEVER been through anything like this. EVERE

        • TazmaniaQ8 says:

          I had covid back in June and still suffering the vertigo. Ironically enough, I was thinking of getting the vaccine to help with it!!

        • Anne says:

          After reading everyone’s comments I’m just scared. I have chronic arthritis and I’m 21. I have had vertigo in the past but it’s been years since my last episode. 1 week after my first prized vaccine I got severe vertigo and nausea this wouldn’t go away with my normal medication and that never happens. I suffered for 4-5 days when it finally calmed down. My doctor said it was fluid behind my ears but no infection. Fast forward I’ve been fine and got my second does 3 days ago and haven’t had any symptoms until tonight I feel what feels like the start of vertigo again and my heart is racing. What I guess my question is, does anyone who knows more about this hVe any answers. I’m scared it’s caused something more serious than just vertigo and need some reassurance if there is any.

      • Liz VanWhy says:

        After my 2nd Pfizer shot, I was rushed to the ER has a possible stroke. I got admitted to the hospital for a few days and off of work for weeks. Coincidentally, I now have migraines with vertigo and carpal tunnel. The only thing that helps with the vertigo is a medicine called Effexor. I take 75 MG twice a day. If I miss 2+ doses in a row, the vertigo is crippling. I call horse shit and I know the shot did this to me. I regret ever getting it but I work in Healthcare and didn’t have much of a choice. Try the Effexor and see if it makes a difference with the vertigo.

    • Brenda says:

      Our son in law’s mother has also had 3 BPPV type bouts after her vaccine. No problems at all before the vax. On the last bout she went down on one knee and then to her stomach. She was very dizzy but was able to eventually get off the floor and call for help. She was vomiting when my daughter arrived to help her. This is devastating for her husband to see. They are in their mid 70’s. This has ruined her freedom. She doesn’t feel safe driving any longer. They haven’t reported it to the CDC because like many, they don’t want to believe the vaccine would do this, but they said they will never get a booster.

    • Godknows says:

      I am experiencing the same , exactly after 23 days after my pfizer jab I started experiencing dizziness….its really scary, I’m regretting taking this vaccine……

  3. Andrea says:

    But if we never had this kind of problem and it happened after getting the vaccine, does it mean that the vaccines potentiated this?

  4. Victoria says:

    I never had BPPV before my first shot of Pfizer. It’s started 7 weeks after vaccination. I feel very bad dizziness and nausea. I need to look after my newborn and toddler. I am definitely not considering to have the second Covid vaccine.

    • Donna says:

      15 days after my first Pfizer vaccine out of nowhere I get vertigo. I have been to the ENT Found my inner ear is fine. I did the manipulation twice and I do feel a little bit better. Hoping that this passes. I do not think I will get the second vaccine .

  5. Heleno says:

    Your all lying no one has gotten virtigo or dizzy after the covid vacation!! You might have had a stressful week or panic attacks that triggers your dizzy spells. So stop telling porky pies and stop giving people worry like me. I asked the nurse and doctor who was there and they both said that the covid vaccine does not affect your balance at all. Also after 7 weeks your already immune after two weeks not 7 weeks of dizzy and virtigo so stop scaring others and grow up

      • KW says:

        Thanks for this. I read it and it’s not saying this was the vaccine is following an active Covid19 diagnosis. Please fact check before adding to the confusion

      • Physiofit says:

        Yes, sorry, wrong article; that was BPPV following the actual virus.
        This was meant to be sent:

        It is only a retrospective chart review — not much science with this out there — someone has to actually write it; which is why we wrote this blog as we see it in the clinic.

        The point is not to get into a spat on side effects of the vaccine — which are low but do happen — but the point is that if someone has these symptoms and they match up with the symptoms of BPPV (such as worse when bending down, rolling over in bed, etc), then this is EASILY assessed and treated with the appropriate canalith repositioning procedure.

        The success rate is very high in 1-3 sessions. We want to be able to help lead people to the right individual in their area to address BPPV.

          • Physiofit says:

            No studies to date as far as I know. I linked 2 case reports in a previous post on this site that have linked BPPV to the actual COVID exposure and that is the only piece of literature of date that I know with linkage. Possibly more to come.

            We have seen a few cases in our small practice and really helped others, hence, the reason for this post so others can seek out some answers in his/her locality.

    • Gabby says:

      Bless your heart you think people are lying after getting their “Covid vacation” just because you said so… My boyfriend and I both got the first vaccine yesterday, Pfizer, and I just told him I am so dizzy, and I don’t feel like myself. That is how I found this page googling what we are experiencing. I was fine this morning and it just come out of nowhere. I feel like things are moving when I am not, and he said he was feeling the same way. These are people experiencing horrible side effects and you tell them to grow up, aren’t you just precious? If someone has an experience to share why don’t you just shut it with the unnecessary chatter and let them share as it helps everyone who is looking for answers.

    • Angela says:

      We should all grow up and tell the truth, not hide any side effects after the covid vaccine. We all want it to be the miracle cure but the fact is there are a lot of people having awful side effects after the vaccine. I am still in bed a week after my Pfizer, I am so dizzy I have trouble walking to the bathroom. I have had covid twice and to be honest was a breeze compared to how I feel now. I know everyone is different, but people need to be aware of the awful side effects from these vaccines, I wish I had known.

    • Kachervian Pittman says:

      Sweetheart let me be VERY clear. I am 46 years old and I am pretty sure me as well as everyone else on this page would know and definitely remember ever experiencing anything like this WHY in the world would we take time to lie about something we aren’t experiencing? You are a work of art.
      My LIFE has not been the same since my second shot. Every two weeks I’m having a episode. I was completely against getting the vaccination, but I did because I wanted to and still want to trust the government. But like everyone on here… WHY after getting the shot are we experiencing vertigo (like) symptoms?

      • Sally says:

        Agree with you totally. I did not want the vaccine, did it for work and because I was tired of being made to feel it would be my fault if someone got covid around me, even though vaccinated can spread it too. Anyway, had 2nd Moderna vaccine 5 days ago, was really sick for two days with typical symptoms (body aches, flu symptoms, headache, etc). This morning I STARTED FEELING DIZZY! Ugh, I’m so mad at myself for getting it. Glad to read your post!

    • Tatyana says:

      You are so lucky it didn’t happened to you!! Today took my husband to the hospital he is going to stay there over night for observation. He was so dizzy and nausea he couldn’t stand up or walk I had to help him.. I was lucky I was dizzy and nausea for the fist day and 7 and 8 date after second dose of Pfizer. But let me tell you foe 8 days was a hell of pain.

    • Bill B says:

      To Helena: only a person who was lucky enough not to have experienced this dizziness and vertigo would post what you did. Why are the lucky ones frequently the most insensitive and judgmental. Sad.

    • Jen says:

      The virus and MNRA vaccines cause vestibular disturbances. No one is lying. This is not anxiety. Anxiety does not causes spinning.

    • Luna says:

      After a day or so, from my vaccine I got extreme vertigo as well. I mentioned it to my doctor and he did confirm it is a vaccine side effect for some. I just rested it off and after another day or so it went away. I couldnt stand the whole time I had it so that was not fun, but I do not regret getting the shot. Regardless it is a real side effect not anxiety or stress related.

    • Ryan says:

      What a strange and rude thing to say. I’m 43 and have never had dizziness and feelings of fainting like the in my life. I’m 5 weeks after the 2nd Pfizer shot and it’s happening more each day. I wish I never had the shot.

    • J says:

      Seriously !!! You’re calling them liars. I have this also. Just got the second shot one day later dizzy. It’s been two days and I hope this goes away !

    • Obstantia says:

      Actually, they are telling the truth. It’s horrible and it lasted (for me) several weeks. Because I’d already had Covid, the reaction to the first vaccination was stronger and lasted longer than the second vaccination’s effects. Having said all that, it’s still better than having the virus. That was truly awful, several times I was on the verge of calling an ambulance – something I’d ordinarily be loathe to do. Only when I found an online article that suggested that my fever would suddenly lift within the next 24 hrs (day 14, which it did) and that breathing would improve on day 16,which it also did) did I hold on. It’s the most scary virus I’ve ever had – it’s like being a spectator to your body’s battle with itself – and you have no control over it. No paracetamol, no water, no amount of rest makes a difference. You are totally reliant on how strong your body is and how powerful your immune system is. Fever lifts and you think you’re getting better, then bam! It’s back within less than an hour and you feel even worse. This is repeated for two weeks, with a gap after the first week when for a day or so you think you’ve really recovered, then it comes back far worse, for the second week. Definitely not like ‘flu!! So, the side effects of the vaccine, unpleasant though they may be for some, are still preferable to the virus.

      • TazmaniaQ8 says:

        Couldn’t have said it any better! This was me back in June battling the delta. I’m truly gratitful to be alive. However, I have been left with debilitating vertigo that gets worse after eating. Is there anything that helped you get over vertigo?

      • Fabbian Dos Santos says:

        I have the same symptoms, last doses of Moderna I took in August 20 but I feel dizziness almost everyday, I got the Covid19 last year in November , the vaccine side effects are worst than the Covid itself

    • Toby says:

      I found this forum because I have never suffered vertigo in my life. Two weeks after the jab I feel like a drunken sailor, I suspect the other people leaving comments have been unlucky enough to suffer this. It’s no surprise big pharma don’t publish info like this.

    • Judy A Link says:

      If you look on all the websites 10 percent of people suffer from dizziness. I am a healthy individual and had dizziness after my first vaccine. No need to be nasty

    • Kalina says:

      How dare you say we are liars! Just because it hasn’t happened to you and some doctors tell you otherwise. I will tell you THIS IS TRUE! I myself am experiencing vertigo , nausea and spells where I feel like I’m going to Black out. First time was day 3 after 1st Moderna dose . Happened a few times and wasn’t going to get second dose but decided on doing it . I’m day 6 after 2nd shot and Here we are again, felt like I was going to fall while grocery shopping and gets dizzy spells and heart palpitations! I sure hope it doesn’t persist. So please, with all due respect stop calling us liars!

    • Char says:

      I think you have to experience it to believe it. I got it 13 dats after my second shot. My mom got it 10 days after her third shot. My 7 year old is in a Pfizer study. I’m hoping she doesn’t get it. But the way I see it, with the way the vaccine works, if I’d actually gotten covid, I’d have these side effects to fight against the spikes as a minimum. It’s unhelpful to tell people they aren’t experiencing side effects when they know they are. It’s helpful to acknowledge it, study it, try to find a cause as to why some are more susceptible, and a treatment.

    • Loretta says:

      Well everyone is different. I developed chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath and palpitations. The worst lasted 2 weeks, it is still persists but lesser than it was 1 month out. I would try not to be too hypercritical of other peoples experiences. But yes the majority of patients will be fine but there is still 1% that have side effects. Have a good day 🙂

    • Jason Stevens says:

      So you are saying that all of us are liying and the only one that’s saying the truth is your doctor? Grow up and dont talk out of your butt without knowing the facts. It has been proven by the CDC that vertigo is a side effect of covid vaccine. Learn your fact before you talk.

    • Mike M says:

      Don’t be so “know it all”! I had my booster shot one week ago and am in Hawaii I. Vacation and woke up and turned over in bed and been battling vertigo for two days now. Not made up and it may be coincidence, but never had this much dizziness in my life.

  6. Todd says:

    I had the Pfizer 1st shot exactly a week ago. I’ve been working on installing vinyl siding on a shed in my backyard. Today I started feeling dizzy and vertigo. At first I thought I was just bending down too low. However Laying down or standing upright I still felt dizzy — albeit less. I’m 49 years old and have never felt this unexpected dizziness before.

    8 hours later I still feel this way. I don’t know if it’s the vaccine or not but others posting here is making me question it. It’s a god awful feeling and I won’t get the 2nd dose if it doesn’t improve soon.

  7. Patt says:

    Helena, As a retired nurse in neurology I can assure you that these vaccine recipients are indeed experiencing vertigo as a side effect . I had never had it untill the morning after my first shot . Now I am getting it every day . Just because you did not get it does not mean that others won’t either. Very sad that we live in such a world where empathy and compassion are dwindling. How would you feel if you had some kind of health symptom and nobody believed you and accused you of lying ? Hope that never happenes to you .

    • Jen says:

      How are you feeling? Can you explain your symptoms? Are you spending around? How often does it happen? Your input with a background in nursing would be very helpful to others on the forum.

  8. C says:

    I had the Moderna shot two days ago. It was my first. I experienced such terrible vertigo like symptoms today that I literally fell out of the truck when I opened the door and tried to step down. If I’m not sitting up completely straight, everything starts spinning. It’s not some thing that just happens for a minute, I’ve been in the shape for three hours and I’m now googling side effects. I assure you unfortunately it is real. I am a mother of four and have no time to fake or do such useless posts unless it’s some thing I’m actually dealing with. Shame on anyone who thinks anyone is faking if such things.

    • Physiofit says:

      Hi C,
      I would definitely consult with your physician and he/she could determine if it is BPPV (as there could be many other reasons…). If so, I would seek out a vestibular therapist or specialist such as ENT locally.

  9. Lexie says:

    5 days after I got my second Pfizer shot, I started experiencing bad spinning episodes when waking up in the morning and sitting up in bed. It only happened when I sat up from laying down or stood up too fast, but then got worse. 2 days later I became dizzy 24/7. I could barely walk straight or do any normal tasks. Went to 2 different doctors, both said it’s BPPV, a type of vertigo. The one doctor gave me meclizine to help with the nausea and vertigo. I’m going to physical therapy in a few days so they can try and help me get better quicker. Neither doctor could confirm that it was the vaccine that was the root of the cause. After reading all of the other comments here, I’m about 95% sure the vaccine had something to do with it. They just aren’t allowed tell us that yet. I’ve never had any vertigo or issues like this in my life. This is by far the worst thing I’ve ever had to experience. Still not feeling any better. Praying that physical therapy works. I hope you guys all find relief soon.

    • Physiofit says:

      Hi Lexie,
      Yes, we are unsure what may cause the BPPV as just speculation at this point. In some cases, BPPV just arises out of nowhere (idiopathic) and not necessarily after a specific event, such as trauma, weather change, etc.
      Nevertheless, your physio should be able to take you through a gravity dependent test of the vestibular system such as a Dix-Hallpike test and if positive, should be able to provide the appropriate canalith repositioning manuever.

      If you need any assistance on finding the right person or any personal consultation, feel free to use the picture link for telehealth consultation to get in touch with us.

      • Bill B says:

        it Is my understanding free floating otoliths cause bppv. The question being not answered is why they are free, and if the bax causes them to become free.

        • Physiofit says:

          Yes, we do not know that answer. Generally speaking, ~80% of the time the cause of BPPV is idiopathic — so even without the vaccine in the equation this could simply happen and not necessarily from a trauma, virus or incident.

          Possibly the vestibular nerve gets excited from the autoimmune response. This heightened sensitivity along this pathway could elicit symptoms in a system that may have underlying free floating otoliths that just simply are not a threat enough to the system to throw a neural signal to the vestibular nuclei and elicit a symptom of vertigo/dizziness.

  10. MLoukisa says:

    I’m a dentist I live and work in Athens Greece. I”be been already vaccinated in March 2021 as I”m 55 years old and I had no adverse effects whatsoever So I strongly recommend my children to get vaccinated… My son has been diagnosed with Covid last October having only loss of smell and taste as a symptom nothing else.
    Nevertheless he had the 1st shot of Pfizer on the 8th of July After 2 weeks the vertigo started .. He has been seeing an ENT specialist He visited hospital ENT doctors and neurologists .. He had a brain MRI done and expecting results in a couple of days ..the pills against vertigo helped a little! I”m very worried as none of the doctors mentioned the vaccine!!! Most of them are unaware of this !! I”m deeply disappointed …

    • Physiofit says:

      It appears there are some side effects that do involve vertigo / dizziness but due to the nature of what is going on, healthcare providers cannot firmly contribute it to the vaccine at all.
      Nevertheless, I hope your son gets relief! If the pills aren’t working too much and MRI is unremarkable, I would definitely recommend looking into BPPV, which is a peripheral disorder. A physio or ENT over there should be able to confirm the suspicion with a detailed history and bedside examination.

      • Cath says:

        Hi Mel, I had my Pfizer on 3 July and have had the same journey as you. My GP put me on antidepressants as tried to tell me it’s anxiety related. I am not convinced at all and am asking him to keep investigating. I’ve had blood tests and MRI but nothing to pin point as the issue. I think I will start a Facebook group so that we can share our experiences and whether anything works, such as physio . It’s so important that we share these experiences so that we are not alone dealing with it.

        • K says:

          Hi Cath – I would join this Facebook group if I could find it. What is the name of it, please? I have been dealing with BPPV and now 5 months of ongoing PPPD (Persistent postural-perceptual dizziness). My severe BPPV vertigo began 9 days receiving my CV vaccination in the beginning of March 2021. Most medical professionals, including my ENT and neurologist discredit the connection to the vaccination. However, my Naturopathic Doctor is very clear that this is true. My life has been changed and I have learned how to accommodate as best I can. I miss my active life and remain hopeful that this dizziness and PPPD shall pass at some point.

  11. Mel says:

    I had Astrazeneca jab on July 3, and after suffering dreadful headaches , aches pain and total fatigue and a weird feeling in my eyes from the light during daytime, for a week, then the dizziness and nausea started.. The aches and pain dissipated after 2 weeks but the dizziness and nausea and heavy feeling in my eyes and head remained for another 3 weeks. At week 6 my eyes felt ok and the dizziness and nausea are decreased but still lingering on. I was healthy and fit prior to having the jab and really concerned that this feeling of dizziness is going to persist . Not looking forward to the second jab, but know its essential that I have it. I am 70. My son had the Astrazeneca jab one week ago and is now experiencing bad dizziness, sore eyes and headache. He has just gone for blood tests but results are not in as yet.

    • Johnson says:

      I have had the same side effects 5 days after the AstraZeneca jab the room started to spin I’m now on day 20 I’m trying motion sickness pills no longer getting vertigo but still feel dizzy I’m 67 years old my wife is 72 she is fine I’m spent hours on the web not found any recommendation for the treatment of these symptoms its almost like the powers that be are hiding something

      • Physiofit says:

        Hi Johnson,
        Does rolling over in bed provocate your vertigo (i.e. room spinning)? Does it last about a minute?
        If so, could be BPPV. I would definitely recommend seeking out a vestibular physio near you to examine you.

        Feel free to use the links on this page to contact us if you wish to get guidance. Pills usually do not help this.

  12. Tatyana says:

    My has bad and I got Pfizer 2 dose 2 weeks ago. I felt so sick 12 hours later fever back and muscle pain dizziness and nausea and list taste my husband felt fine, about week later when I was about to feel better suddenly I started to feel very nauseous and dizzy I Drank a lot Coca Cola and Gatorade I took kids aspirin and and turmeric . My husband was fine he had a little back pain for first few days. Thank God on Friday I stared to feel better and able to eat again but today 2 weeks after 2doss of Pfizer my husband experiencing terrible dizziness and nausea with light headache… what is this ???

  13. Tatyana says:

    Today took my husband to the hospital he is going to stay there over night for observation. He was so dizzy and nausea I had to help him to walk.

  14. Janet Cervantes says:

    So glad I found this website. I was looking up side effects from covid vaccine & found nothing about dizziness til now. Please don’t judge me for being naive but I actually got a 3rd shot that kicked my butt!!
    My 1st Pfizer Inj was in March that caused me to get really tired that evening. 2nd inject was May 3rd, no big deal, my arm was just real sore for a few days. For some reason I can’t find my card. I figured Kaiser would have a record & I’ll print that, only to find out they didn’t have a record of my 2nd shot on my record. I ended up having to go to the clinic to speak with a manager who said they have me as a no show & only way I could get a card is to get another injection to update my records. I asked her if it would be ok since my last shot was in May. She said yes & I agreed to do it since I had no previous issues. That was Tuesday Aug 10th, Thurs the 12th was 1st time being dizzy, I woke up fine but then I felt shift, like a jolt, right after I sat up & everything moved. It lasted about 10 minutes then I had a hot flash & then I was ok about 1/2 hr later. Then the next morning omg, it was horrible, everything was moving. I had a hard time keeping my balance, I was holding on to the walls to walk. I finally got it together enough to take my dog out & then I collapsed right in the driveway. I just dropped straight down. It took me a while but I mustered enough poise & strength to get myself up & back in the house & lay upwards on the couch. I’m somewhat better now with the help of alot of prayer, Pepto Bismo, and cold & flu medicine but can’t lay flat without getting dizzy. I’m still a little light headed & off balance when I move to fast. I also get hotness on the top of my head that causes it to get clammy but no fever.
    Dr says not sure this is caused by the injection but I know it was. I’m a healthy 65 yr old woman who knows her body & I never experienced anything like this before. I hate to say this but I’m glad to know others are too. I pray we all are healed & get back to ourselves soon.

    • Jen says:

      I find it deplorable that they gave you a third shot because of poor record keeping. This isn’t a stick of gum. Clearly, besides a host of other bad side effects, the inflammation that is causing is creating vestibular issues for people without even having previous vestibular issues.

  15. Janet Cervantes says:

    I’m experiencing the same thing after the Covid shot. You could consider me naive but it happened after the 3rd injection. I received the 1st shot in March & experienced tiredness that evening. The 2nd on May 3rd, no big deal, my arm was just sore for a few days. Then I somehow lost my card. Figured I could print out injection info from my Kaiser records, only to find out they didn’t have my 2nd shot on record. Ended up having to go to the clinic to speak with a manager who told me they had me as a no show. And I would need to get another shot to get a card. I asked her if that was ok since my last one WAS in May & she said yes. So I decided to do it since I had no previous issues.
    That was Aug. 10th, on the morning of the 12th I woke up ok, sat up & felt this jolt then everything started moving this lasted for about 10 mins as I tried to stretch through it. Then I had a hot flash. Then I was ok about a half hr later. The next morning OMG, I woke up & everything was scrolling upwards. I had to hold on to furniture & walls to make it to the bathroom. Finally, I thought I was ok enough to take the dog out. As we were coming in I just collapsed in the driveway. I just dropped straight down. It took me a few mins to get my composure & strength to get up & in the house & on the couch laying in a upward position, I felt horrible all that day & couldn’t do anything. As of day I’m better, thanks to alot of Prayer, Pepto Bismo and Cold & Flu medicine but I can’t lay flat without getting dizzy. I’m still a little light headed & off balance, at times I get hotness on my head & it makes it clammy but I don’t have a fever. I’m just not right. Dr says can’t be sure it’s from the vaccine. I’m a healthy 65 yr old woman who now knows better. I know my body & I never experienced anything like this before! I hate to say this but I’m glad to know you are experiencing this also. I pray we are all healed & restored back to ourselves real soon! This stuff is no joke!

  16. Christine Beby says:

    I had my first shot of AstraZeneca July 8. Am now having horrible vertigo as well. I stumbled across this site searching for answers, seems as though I have found it. A friend at work has exactly the same thing as me as well. I also have heart problems so they thought the vertigo could’ve been related to that. After reading this site it’s now changed my way of thinking. And I’m in Australia, hoping my second dose goes better.

    • Physiofit says:

      Yes, make sure it isn’t cardiac related but there are great vestibular physios in Australia who could evaluate you!

  17. Jen says:

    What medication is he taking for the dizziness? Has he been advised to do exercises for the vertigo? How is he feeling now?

  18. Stacey says:

    Had jab 21st August the following day felt dizzy and room spinning vertigo and feel sick… Still like it 2 days on. ..my sister had jab in June and she’s still struggling with vertigo 2 months on 🙁

  19. Patrick says:

    So many people I know are getting vertigo from the jab. My office worker, neighbor and step mom. Didn’t really draw a connection at first until I noticed it was all new after the jab. Just did a search and this site came up, everywhere else says the vaccine only causes slight dizziness due to anxiety from taking it. Have any of you noticed how many people that are neighborhood walkers are now walking with sticks? Do your own survey and kindly ask these stick walkers why and when they started needing those and report back here the results.

    • James Hart says:

      Great to find this site.
      I had my first Astrazeneca jab on 11th May. A day later terrible vertigo and couldn’t get out of bed for 4 days.
      On 3rd August I had the booster and all was fine until 25 th then hit with this vertigo again.
      This is seriously debilitating. Maybe it’s not the vaccine; and there’s probably nothing that can be done if it is. But I think vertigo should be listed as a side effect if enough people report their symptoms and experiences.
      Vaccines aren’t perfect but we’d be in trouble without them. I just hope this side effect ??? goes away soon.
      I’m 71 and live in Australia.

  20. Angie P says:

    Thank you all. This has brought me some comfort. I am immunocompromised and had my 3rd dose of Pfizer yesterday. My 1st and 2nd shot I had no reaction at all. This one is definitely different. I expected the common stuff like headache, body aches, chills etc… but dizziness I was absolutely not prepared for. I woke up feeling great this morning, then gradually started not feeling well. Now I’m in bed dizzy like crazy and was afraid something had gone terribly wrong. I searched and even called Pfizer (their med I fo department is closed till monday) trying to get answers. So happy I found this… now I don’t think I’m dying. Although this dizzy rollercoaster can stop now. I seriously can move I just get more dizzy. I hope this passes soon.

  21. Thalia says:

    I have chronic dizziness and vertigo after getting the Moderna vaccine. It has continued after 6 months and seems like it might be permanent. I also have a feeling like my left ear is completely plugged. It began within hours of getting the vaccine and never went away. I have good days and bad days. I’ve been to an ENT, a vestibular therapist, had an MRI and CT Scan, and I’ve seen a neurologist. All have acknowledged that these problems were triggered by the vaccine, but they don’t know what to do. I was extremely healthy until I got the vaccine. I am now trying acupuncture and natural medicines, because Western medicine doesn’t know how to manage this. I lost one of my jobs because of dizziness. I have reported this to the CDC. I can tell you from my experience, nobody cares, and nobody wants to help you with medical bills or finances, or life management. We are not all in this together.

  22. Donna Quirey says:

    I developed vertigo a couple of weeks after my first vaccine and have now had it continuously for almost 2 months, some days it’s so bad that I am bed bound and can’t drive. I have tried the exercises that the doctor recommended but it does not make it any better.

  23. Gayle says:

    I had Pfizer 2nd shot May 13th and horrible vertigo when first lying down, in the morning when raising up, sometimes when rolling over in bed and if I tilt my head to left to do something like look under a table. Sometimes it happens when I tilt my head back and look up for a period of time. It has not been fun for sure. Is ENT or vestibular physio best route! I am in Nashville TN.
    So happy to have found this site!!!

  24. Marcela says:

    I had my first shot August 19th here in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I had episodes related to dizzness and larinthitis-related earache. I went to my otolaryngologist and she said my symptoms are related to pfizer vaccine. She prescribed a medicine to treat labyrinthitis for 10 days, and I hope I’ll get better after this.

  25. TazmaniaQ8 says:

    Like many of you, I have been suffering from vertigo and lightheadedness for over 3 months now. However, mine came after getting covid and the vaccine. I have consulted with umpteen doctors and they are clueless. I think it has to do with immune system and inflammation whether from vaccine or covid itself. My life has been unbearable especially that I have to drive everyday. I also can’t exercise. That said, it seems to be very, very slowly improving but it I suspect it will take a long time. I’m afraid to get the vaccine and possibly make it worse.

    • Physiofit says:

      Hi! We don’t have any data on actual BPPV following vaccine except for small amount of cases in our office, but here is a new scientific article on BPPV after actual COVID-19.

      It describes many of the mechanisms of pathophysiology. In short, if you do have signs and symptoms of BPPV, I would highly recommend getting examined by a vestibular physio / PT as treatments for this are very successful! It doesn’t matter if BPPV originated from COVID-19, a concussion or idiopathic (~35% of cases just arrive as we age), the pathology is the same and treatment can help!

      Feel free to contact us for guidance as well.

  26. Natalie says:

    I had my first Moderna Vaccine on July 23rd, 2021, and immediately experienced dizziness that has seemed to last off and on (sometimes to the point of mild disorientation, when it gets bad). When I first got the vaccine I had a muffled feeling with my hearing that lasted for around an hour after the shot, as if my blood pressure was a bit too high. Since then (it’s now Sept. 4th, 2021) I’m 38 years old and still experience dizziness off and on every day ( now it lasts for around an hour or two), I also get very warm like a fever here, and there. The past 2-3 days were so bad that I had to sleep through most of the dizziness, but at least now I seem to be improving. One thing I’ve found is to keep a close eye on your blood sugar! Mine has felt as if it’s constantly sliding off of a slow cliff towards fast occurring hypoglycemia, to the point of almost passing out. My blood sugar will register in the ’90s but feel like I’m going to pass out. After slowly eating more healthy carbs and more frequent meals (with both carbs and protein together in each meal) I’m beginning to feel a bit better. I was only lightly pre-diabetic before the shot, and never really had this problem before like I seem to now. I don’t know if it’s messing with our blood glucose in some way. But I figured if this helps some of you recover, then why not share it here. I really hope we all improve soon. 🙂

  27. Laura says:

    I am in NO way an anti-VAXer. Full Stop. I could not get my vaccine quick enough. My second Pfizer shot was at the end of April. I had the usual symptoms, sore arm and felt like crap the next day but nothing remarkable. Life went on as usual until I had standard nasal surgery July 7, 2021 and my life has never been the same. Coming out of anesthesia was awful! It felt like I had the absolutely WORST hangover in my life. Serious brain fog, severe dizziness, nausea, vertigo & tinnitus….. 8 long weeks later, 12 medical professionals, 1 Primary Physician, 2 ENT nasal surgeons, 1 Ear ENT, 4 Neurologists, 1 Physicians Assistant, 1 Audiologist and 2 Physical Therapists, a trip to the ER, an EKG, MRI, Inner Ear MRI, CT Scan & CT Angiography and still no one has any idea why I have constant motion sickness, bilateral pressure in back of my head with what feels like pressure in my ears, headaches, brain fog and serious tinnitus. I have NEVER had any of these symptoms until my surgery. I started PT this week to try to mitigate the motion sickness and Meclizine has been a life line. What shocked me was a dear friend who had dental surgery 3 weeks ago is experiencing the same symptoms after her surgery. We were both fine until we had our surgeries and now, our lives have changed for the worse. Thank you to the person who posted the website to report adverse reactions! I am reporting mine, please do the same. The medical community can’t help us unless they know what to look for. We’re all in this together and the medical community is doing their best to figure this out. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System https://vaers.hhs.gov/index.html I truly hope all who are adversely effected a speedy recovery!

  28. Mitch says:

    I felt fine up until the early morning hours after my first shot. I awoke to the room spinning like never before. Even when I closed my eyes I felt my body spinning. I know this is related to the vaccine but nobody will say so. I had Covid 19 back in November and may of had some type of infection going thru my body when I got my shot. I feel like my immune system just freaked out with so much going on.Although weeks later the rooms have stopped spinning but I am still a bit off balance as if I just stepped off a cruise ship after a week….At least now I do not feel alone with this situation…..

    • Physiofit says:

      Hi Mitch,
      If you find that your symptoms increase with rolling over in bed and even initial lying in bed, or even turning your head in the bed; it would be worthy to find out if you have BPPV — which could have been a consequence (we do not know for sure) from the pathophysiology of the vaccine — and if so, it would be an easy assessment and treatment! Seek out a vestibular physical therapist near you.

  29. Vicki W. says:

    I had concerns about the vaccine exacerbating the more than usual vertigo I have had lately. I spoke with the pharmacist and he assured me that vertigo would not be a problem, so I got both shots. (I did not have any vertigo after either shot) I had put off being vaccinated for a very long time, not sure about side effects and IF I had read this before I actually did get the vaccine (Pfizer), I would not have. This would have made my concerns real! Vertigo is horrible. I was in my late 30s when I had the first “episode” and it wasn’t until almost 40 yrs later that I was “diagnosed” by an ENT that I indeed had BPPV. p.s. I just heard that woman I know has had bad vertigo ever since she was vaccinated.

  30. Dizzdout says:

    Wish you all well and perserverence.. I had my 2nd pfizer jab in the beginning of July, about weeks later during my vacation, from nowhere, my head started spinning, dizziness, hard to focus on objects when I move my eyes quickly, and brain fog.. Until this day, and I guess I am in for it for many more months. Have been reading about this for weeks now, because I cannot function properly or at least as I used to, tons of people reporting this after having their vaccine and as there is not official remedy to this, people try different things, from crazy diets (celery juice) to taking all possible vitamins. As far as I have understood, usually people heal but it really takes time, probably around 3 – 7 months.. So for me, it has been a month, will do my best, including VOR exercises but I dont think any of it helps much, our body just needs to process this crap now..

  31. Shannon says:

    Last shot June 3rd. 3 weeks to the day later had a three day event of severe motion sickness. Took Dramamine and it became tolerable. Have had BPPV almost 3 months now. NO other explanation other than the vaccine. Looking to see who else had similar responses and looks like I found what I was looking for.

  32. Paula says:

    Oh wow, glad I found this site.
    I had my 2nd Pfizer jab 3 weeks ago. I had the “normal” feeling unwell for a few days. Then I started getting a “duff duff” noise in one ear and feeling lightheaded when I moved my head, which got worse. I went to my doctor, who has put me on Antibiotics for a sinus/ear infection, but it’s not helping. Today I back tracked to when the symptoms started and it was from my second jab. I really hope this all goes away soon so I can get back to my life as it was.

  33. Marcela says:

    Hello, you guys, I have completely recovered my balance after 1 month of 1st shot. I did medicine to labyrinthitis. Now, I am relly concern about the second shot it will be soon on November.

  34. Tony says:

    I have been suffering from a COVID vaccine injury for 7 months. I have missed a significant amount of time from work and my quality of life is currently poor. I have been diagnosed with a Vestibular Migraine. The symptoms are 24/7 vertigo and daily headaches. The majority of the specialists I have seen believe the protein spike from the vaccine caused the inflamed nerve in my vestibular region. Some are not hopeful and feel the damage is permanent. No migraine nor nerve medication provides lasting relief. I recently started acupuncture as a last resort. The Acupuncturist feels he can relieve my headaches after 6 sessions and my vertigo after 12. I have completed 4 sessions thus far and have seen a small improvement so far. I will report back after the 12 sessions have been completed.

  35. MeLissa says:

    I was sad, but happy to find this site. September 2, 2021 my husband and I received our first Pfizer vaccine. That night I felt like a Mac truck had hit me and flu like symptoms. The next day, Friday, my husband and I both were sick all day. By Saturday we both were feeling better. Then Sunday the vertigo began, but very mild. It is now 18 days later and the vertigo is awful. I’m struggling to function and missing work. I DO NOT MISS WORK!!!!! Friday at work I felt like I was going to pass out. Thank goodness my husband and I work together. My head felt so strange. My blood pressure was 159/89 which is very high for me. Went to the Emergency Room. They ran every test you can imagine, but everything was fine except for the eye test. My eyes were jogging. Sent me home after 6 hours saying I had vertigo. I asked if it would be safe to get my second vaccine shot. The ER doctor said it out weighs any reaction you might think you’re having to the vaccine. Before the first shot I was a very active lady. Riding bikes, walking, yoga, work a physical job at a ship yard, and beyond happy with my life. Now I can hardly function, emotional, and frustrated. Saw my primary doctor today 9-20-21. He wants me to put off the second vaccine shot until week 5 or 6. I’m on Meclizine every 8 hours and migraine medicine as needed. I’m also scheduled to start Vestibular Therapy next week. I just wanted to share my journey after the first jab. I’m terrified of catching Covid and terrified of the second jab as well.

    • Physiofit says:

      So sorry to hear your reaction. Please let us know how the vestibular therapy does for you as the eye test you mentioned in post could mean many things. It would be good for others to see if you did in fact obtain BPPV as a side effect.
      – Harrison

    • Tony says:

      Please consider going to an acupuncturist. I wasted 6 months with an ENT, Neurologist, Osteopath, and a PT with no lasting relief. I am finally getting results with acupuncture for my vestibular migraine caused by the vaccine

  36. Raine says:

    Hi I’m 37 and suffer with vertigo already,some days are horrible! I’m considering going for the vaccine , but so scared that my vertigo will get worse. What is the best solution.

  37. James says:

    Its been 3 months now after my first Pfizer jab. Two days after the jab, I started various symptoms like Vertigo, brain pressure, cluster headaches, stiff neck, fatigue and body weakness. I felt like I went into some kind of a shock that just would not settle down! The worst of all symptoms is Vertigo which stays 24/7 and this is the most debilitating! I feel the vaccine companies and the whole healthcare system have not been honest with the general public. I was a perfectly healthy normal 40 year old who had no underlying conditions before the jab and now my whole life has been turned upside down! I cannot do any physical activity or even a mentally concentration requiring tasks beyond a couple of hours. I also have fatigue and exercise intolerance and get tired after wakling for 15-20 minutes! I have been at ER, been hospitalized, had been at neurologists, ENT specialists, Eye specialist, Dermatologists and countless times to my GP. I have switched to low-histamine diet upon suspicion of Mass Cell Activation (no diagnosis) and taking lots of anti-inflammatory diet and herbs, which helped reduce some symptoms of inflammation caused by the Pfizer vaccine, but the Vertigo and occasional stiff neck with intermittent headaches do not seem to go away. I feel shattered and regret having taken this vaccine. I would never take the second dose or any other CV19 vaccine ever again come what may! I think its better to take supplements to strengthen immune system instead. Thanks to this forum, I have gotten an appointment with a physical therapist and will ask him to examine and offer me BPPV related exercises. I tried some at home but they increase the Vertigo initially and then it goes back to normal level, which gives an indication that I might have the BPPV triggered from the Pfizer vaccine. It is terrifying and must be specified on the list of expected side-effects with an additional note that this may taken infinitely long time period to go away if at all!

    • Tony says:

      Please consider going to an acupuncturist. I wasted 6 months with an ENT, Neurologist, Osteopath, and a PT with no lasting relief. I am finally getting results with acupuncture for my vestibular migraine caused by the vaccine

  38. Jon says:

    Not me, but my buddy has exterme vertigo 3 months after first shot. Young healthy guy. His doctor said he too is experiencing it and has had CT scans, hospitalization, etc. Worst of all, the doctor said he can not come foward with it to his peers for fear of reprisal or worse from hospital. Too much money to speak out against vaccine that is not only dangerous but appears to be pretty useless after a few months and worse yet is letting people with covid continue to spread it instead of staying home with symptoms, as well as allowing covid to survive in the body and mutant. Stop filling yourself with unknown poison and start treating covid with methods that not only make you better within 24-48 hours, it kills virus and you are no longer a host spreading it around.

    The problem is the treatments are virtually free and no one is making any money.

    If you also think the fda will come out and say the vaccine is essentially useless and is causing these issues yall experiencing, not going to happen.

    I have had an uncle have heart attack week after vaccine, a cousin massive stroke 4 house after vaccine (6 months later still can’t walk or talk), neighbor (er dr) paralysis half her face for week after vaccine, 40 year buddy extreme vertigo, his doctor same thing and on and on.

    My personal experience is I know many more people with much worse affects from vaccine than covid. At no point will they come out and say oops, sorry 60 percent of population, the billions we made off you turned out to not be the best option (treatment options)…..our bad.

    This vaccine was oversold as many fealt like do your part, stop the spread, when it is actually doing the opposite and allowing mutations and virus to survive in your body and spread more easily.

    Also, how many thought they were going to have to have one or two shots and that would be it for atleast many years? Say on December or January, would you be like hell yeah, I’ll take experimental not a vaccine, gene mutating mrna shot and yeah, give it me another one every 8 months for the rest of my life. Who cares, it’s “free”……big pharma is not making any money off this…..it’s not costing tax payers billions..

    Worst off, I fear what mrna will do years from now and know why they stopped developing decades ago after what happened to every single lab rat. Good news is, they definitely can’t catch civid anymore.

  39. Dinah Younger says:

    I did not want to get a COVID shot at all because I don’t trust big Pharma or government. But after mutation of the virus and people who did not have shots were dying and those who did get two shots were getting sick I reconsidered. Suddenly friends and family were saying get the shot or die! So I did. I have lots of allergies so the pharmacist made me sit for 30 minutes. I noticed my eyes hurt and the store lights bothered me. I also had some slight dizziness and chest discomfort but the pharmacist said it was from anxiety. I thought that was very possible as I’m a nervous Nellie type. Two hours later I had bad headache, stomachache and fatigue. Gone in a few days. Three weeks later I had my second shot and felt similar but not as bad and felt reasonably ok until bed time. Here I’m in bed the day after the second shot and I hurt all night so bad I could not sleep. The double the dose I usually take of Advil barely touched it. I finally got up at 7 am. Took my before breakfast pills and went to eat. I was so weak, painful and dizzy I had to move very carefully and slow. I’m determined to stick with my 14 daily pill regimen and eating schedule as I have diabetes and other health issues. I had heard of those who feel bad for a day or two so thought just hold on and it will go away. I could not find weakness, dizziness, eye burning in the list of side effects so wonder if I should be alarmed. It’s the weekend so I guess I keep keeping on as best I can. When I found this website and started reading I realized that sometimes you have to pick the best of two evils. To those who struggle with this I say don’t give up. To the one who commented not to lie and grow up? You don’t even count. It’s obvious you have no compassion, empathy. Do us a favor and at the least get off the site. Or do something constructive and do some research before voicing so negatively. So, how long should this go on before I get alarmed? I am remembering the comment my bloodwork dr said. He said well in about five years we will see if we glow in the dark or can have children. I thought he was teasing. Not so sure now. Note: I’ve had positional vertigo off and on for years. Believe me this is different. Hold on everyone I think it’s going to be a bumpy rest of our lives. Between the virus and shots that don’t work or cause many issues and the financial ruin. Sorry to be negative. Don’t be like that one without empathy. Everyone help and be there for everyone to the best of their ability.

  40. Laura says:

    I had no side effects from the first Moderna vaccination. Twelve hours after having the second shot, I was totally nauseated, had a splitting headache, my throat was raw, and I hurt everywhere. These side effects lasted about 18 hours. Exactly one week later, I rolled over in bed in the middle of the night and felt like the room was spinning. This was mid-June and, three months later, I still experience it every day and night. I can’t roll over in bed, tip my head back in the shower to wash my hair, or bend down to look in a lower cupboard. I don’t have a history of vertigo; I have no doubt it was caused by the vaccine. I’m also having periodic double vision in my left eye. I hope these resolve eventually, but I’m not counting on it. Definitely no booster shot for me.

  41. Suzan says:

    1 week after my second COVID vaccination (Pfizer) I, too, started having dizziness,vertigo and the sense of fainting. Never have had an issue with this before. This lasted several weeks. Started to feel better in the morning but then it would return. Vestibular.org has an entire page devoted to these reports for those interested. It went away completely after three weeks. Just got my booster shot Friday and really hope this doesn’t come back. The encouraging piece here, for me, is that it does resolve on its own! I did take ibuprofen to help with what I supposed was swelling in the middle ear. Don’t get up too quickly.

  42. Caroline says:

    About 5 days after getting my second dose of Pfizer (Aug 12) I starter getting dizziness when changing positions from lying down to sitting up, or rolling over in bed. Also brain fog and mild headaches/lightheadedness. After 6 weeks of this I was able to see a physio who has specific training in vestibular techniques. She did the technique for BPPV and I felt almost complete resolution after this 30 min. treatment. That was one week ago. Overall I have felt much better since then, though I did have a half day of nausea/lightheartedness two day after the treatment for which I took some ginger gravol. Thankfully that stopped within a few hours. I do have a follow up treatment tomorrow. I am intrigued that at least 2 people on this post mention vertigo stating for them after having COVID, not just the vaccine. I encourage folks to find a physio/chiro or someone who has training to deal with vertigo – it has helped to much!

    • Physiofit says:

      Thanks for sharing your story! Your description of symptoms with rolling in bed, lying down, etc is exactly what we want others on this site to notice. You had symptoms consistent with BPPV, which is very treatable by a physio, just like your results!

      Your half day of residual symptoms is completely normal, some have them and some do not.

      Thanks again for your story!

  43. Christina says:

    Hi All, I am in Australia and I am so glad I found this site! Exactly same symptoms after my 2nd Pfizer jab! First awful for few days then better as I expected and everyone else was feeling but bam next day I could hardly stand up. Had a week off work, osteopathic treatments, medication, MRI as I thought I was dying. Then I saw my dentist and he said definitely it was the jab, see your doctor which I thought she would laugh at me but she simply nodded and said yes, I agree with you!!! A lot of people are experiencing inner ear problems triggering vertigo but it will go away eventually but it is better than getting covid and sent me on my way. No one is willing to talk about it and you sound like a crack pot here in Australia if you speak out about it. I was fit and healthy 47 year woman and now I feel like crap every day, scared, confused, worried what else will happen to me and I was NEVER like this before. Never. I work in finance and can barely function there and then crawl home to bed ignoring my family as I am just exhausted. I will see an acupuncturist as suggested here. Vestibular specialists are really hard to get into here as there are very few of them and surprise, surprise they are really booked out and busy since vaccinations rolled out here in Oz. Thanks for listening

  44. Heather says:

    Hi Christina,
    You are not alone in Australia it’s just nobody’s talking about these awful side effects of Pfizer. I had my first jab on 1st September and I was effected very soon after I finished the 15 minute wait time. I felt very weird all over my face particularly my nose and top lip. I had massive headaches and I started to sway back and forth while making my next appointment at the desk and I thought it was just feeling giddy from the mask etc… but it continued the next day. I went to ER and they just said obbs are fine gave me Stemitol for nausea and packed me off. I left it and went to my chiro he said there was nothing wrong with my neck etc to cause any dizziness etc, but he had seen other cases of this after Covid-19 vaccination. I then went to Dr who gave me cortisteriods for dizziness made me worse. Now he thinks I have high blood pressure it’s a coincidence grrr. Which I probably do now have because my heart hasn’t stopped pounding and I’m having stuff like internal vibrations and slightly shaking since the day of vaccination.
    I was a healthy 49 year old the day before the vaccination and now like you I feel crap every day!
    They have made it mandatory to have 2 jabs to work in education so I guess I have to have my second jab next week.
    I am VERY scared what happens with next one.. as I am still swaying backwards and forwards when I stand still and haven’t got a lot of balance.
    Like you I am so glad I found this page and I am not alone.

    • Gillella says:

      Hello Heather,
      I am also from Australia and had similar symptoms after my first dose of Pfizer. My second dose is due next week. Did you get your second dose and how are you feeling. I am now scared to get my second dose.

  45. Tarrah says:

    I started experiencing extreme vertigo that sent me to the ER. I started reading and thinking about everything, and realized my dizzy spells happened the same week I recieved the flu shot. A COVID-19 shot would probably kill me. The side effects are horrendous.

  46. Maree says:

    Hi Christina, I am here in Australia as well. I have been forced to have my first jab with the No jab No job policy. I just got it in before the deadline and was absolutely terrified to get the jab, I don’t like being a lab rat, well my husband and I got them on the Monday morning, slept the rest of the day away, had to be up early next morning to be out and about at about 10 am it started, feeling unwell, so had something to eat, felt a little better, got home and then the dizziness started with the nausea, this went on for 3 days then thankfully now is just a slight dizzy every now and again But yesterday my phone went off I got a message, I looked at my phone it was a bit blurry but the floor started coming up to me, so I closed my eyes, re-opened them only to experience the same thing, blurry phone and the floor coming towards me, it was like being in one of those 3D movies, freaked me out. I sat for a moment and it passed. I then ventured outside to look at my garage door which looked bent in the middle, I thought, this can’t be right and had to walk all the way up to it to check. I certainly hope this is not going to be an ongoing thing. I am terrified to get the 2nd jab but again No jab No job. If I didn’t have a mortgage, I would not get the 2nd jab. I was hoping to wait for the Vaccine which is suppose to be coming at Christmas which is made the good old fashioned way. But No jab No job.

  47. Edward says:

    I’m in Ireland, had the 1st shot in late July and the dizziness has never left. Not getting the 2nd shot. I’m strong, 40 year old, male and suddenly after that shot, when i’m standing still or sitting reading a book, out of nowhere i loose balance and almost fall over. Even lying down i get it. I’m very angry, i have things to do and these media/pharmaceutical/government are injecting people with experimental vaccines and not being transparent at all about the side effects. Try getting on the local radio to tell people about it ……………….. not a chance in hell, it’s all controlled. See the research paper “First Month of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring — United States, December 14, 2020–January 13, 2021”. It said “13,794,904 vaccine doses were administered, and VAERS received and processed† 6,994 reports of adverse events after vaccination”, that is 0.05% adverse events (or 1 in 2,000). But i spoke to and heard of lots of people locally who had mild to serious adverse events, so it’s much more than 0.05%.

  48. Erik says:

    I took my 2nd Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine shot back in March…2 weeks to the day later I started feeling dizzy. Over the next week it progressively got so bad that I went to the urgent care. They could find no reason, but referred me to the ER because they wanted to get my heart checked out just in case. I went directly to the ER and they could find cause. They diagnosed me with vertigo and booked me with an appointment to see an ENT. By the time I saw the ENT a few weeks later, the vertigo had improved significantly. Only minor spinning at times and sensitivity to noise. The ENT did a hearing test at the ENT and said that I had vestibular vertigo as well. Now….there is the booster and I’m scared to get it. it took a few months to completely recover from the vertigo after the second shot. I don’t know what to do.

  49. Karen says:

    Immediately after getting the first shot, I started having stabbing pains on the left side of my brain and slight lightheadedness. Then a few weeks later I had what felt like a heart attack and was hypertensive at my doctors office. They sent me to the hospital because my chest pains were getting bad and my bp continued to rise, after some time and some nitrogen, aspirin and an IV it went away and I went home. Had lots of tests run but nothing was found. During this entire time I kept feeling like I was on the verge of having a dizzy spell but luckily it never went full blown dizzy spell so I didn’t think much of it. A few weeks later the almost dizzy spell turned into a severe dizzy spell, nausea, vomiting and the stabbing headache on the left side of my skull. I ended up in ER had ct scans and they can find nothing. I just finished a course of methylprednisone which helped with the double vision but nothing else. I can barely walk and am too afraid to drive anywhere. Have scheduled a visit with ENT but am not hopeful they will be able to help me. Praying they can but I think I need a neurologist. It’s been 2 weeks now of this horrendous dizziness and pain on left side of head. I wish I had never gotten the second vaccine shot. I waited almost 3 months to get the second shot and only got it because of Delta. I am on disability since the heart episode in August. I am 63 and have never had anything like this happen, I have RA but never was housebound and unable to take care of myself until this vaccine. I cant even get outdoors into my yard to walk around as I feel even more unsteady outside without anything to hold onto except my cane. This is hell…I am pretty sure this is a result of inflammation caused by the vaccine.

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