What is the best exercise for knee arthritis?

When your physician or surgeon recommends exercise for your knee arthritis, where do you start?!

Examples include simple quadriceps exercises (e.g., straight leg raises); non-weight bearing exercises using cuff-weights, Therabands, and dynamometers; weight-bearing exercises; and neuromuscular programs to enhance sensorimotor function. Many choose non-weight-bearing exercises to minimize the knee compressive load, though these exercises have little functional relevance.

This is one of the primary duties of a physical therapist but out of everyone who is recommended therapy, there are many who do not carry through with it!

While there are numerous exercise programs for knee OA, the ideal type of strengthening for knee OA is unknown

To dive into this unknown world on your own, it can be inundating to find the right exercises that work the right muscles with the right load WITHOUT aggravating your knee!

How can PhysioFit of North Carolina help me?

As a physical therapy clinic, we can provide direct 1:1 treatments and exercise programs to help those with knee arthritis.

We also offer Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi classes in Wake Forest that can help you get started.

To combine the two entities (fitness and healthcare), we are also offering a combo of Physical Therapy with Group Classes.

What separates our studio from others?

We designed our Yoga Exercise Program with the two mindsets of Certified Yoga Specialists and Doctors of Physical Therapy. It is the best of the best to provide you with the RIGHT exercise with the RIGHT dose in a group environment surrounded by others who are trying to achieve the same goals as you —- pain relief and improved quality of life!

It is important to ensure that treatment options for knee osteoarthritis promote physical activity but do not incorporate exposures to this risk factor for worsening the disease.

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