Tai Chi for Parkinson’s disease in Wake Forest, NC

Tai Chi combines combine slow, deliberate movements, medication and breathing exercises. The low-impact moving meditations include standing and balancing. Although qi gong and tai chi are excellent fitness activities for beginners and people with health conditions, elite athletes also benefit from doing the slow movements, because everyone needs better balance and muscle control.

Considering the owners of PhysioFit of NC are both physical therapists who have treated patients with Parkinson’s disease over the years, we have found these deliberate, large moving, balance and strength exercises are phenomenal way to improve motor function and balance.

Not only do we see changes in our patients, this was found in a 2014 study by Yang et al. This study is a meta-analysis and systematic review of the use of Tai Chi for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. For those who do not know research quality, this type of study is the HIGHEST level of evidence that is available to healthcare professionals in order to provide the most evidence-based approach to a medical condition.

If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease and looking for a consistent, safe, and complementary exercise program to your medications, we offer Tai Chi at PhysioFit of North Carolina.

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