Is Tai Chi right for me?

Tai Chi is a form of art that can be observed by its beautiful movements.  Most of these movements are slow, graceful and fluid.

Think of it as slow dancing vs fast dancing.  Which type of dancer are you?!

A common misconception is that Tai Chi is only for old people.

Granted, it is a great exercise program for the elderly due to the slow, gentle and low impact on the joints.

However, Tai Chi can be for everyone and not just for seniors.


If you are looking for:

  • Better flexibility
  • Better proprioception
  • Better balance
  • Better lower limb strength

 I would also say Tai Chi can be great for you if:

You perform high impact exercises (such as high intensity exercise, running, etc) but looking for a low-impact, active recovery approach.

You have a fast paced job and live a fast paced lifestyle but looking for a slow and balanced exercise approach to clear the body and mind.

I always encourage my patients and clients that they should find an exercise routine, in itself or in combination with another program, that makes them feel good.

Then, Tai Chi may also be for you.

 Whatever you do, you need to feel good about yourself.  You cannot succeed if you don’t feel good about yourself.

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