Cervical Disorders

What are Cervical Disorders?

Most cases of pain in the neck region are of mechanical origin — which means that you can increase the symptoms with twisting, turning and stretching the neck!  Pain, altered movement patterns and compensation patterns can finally lead your body to giving you symptoms of:

  • Neck Pain
  • Cervical Radiculopathy (pain in arm and/or upper back)
  • Headaches (Cervicogenic and/or Tension-type)
  • Dizziness (Cervicogenic Dizziness)
  • Somatosensory Tinnitus
  • TMJ Pain
  • Text Neck

A comprehensive clinical examination to determine what “picks” at your symptoms to then find missing links is the foundation of how we dial in to the root cause.  You can get a preview of our Cervical Spine Feel it to Heal it Examination through our book!

At PhysioFit of North Carolina, our team aims to find exactly what causes your neck symptoms, which could be muscles and joints in the neck or jaw. We also determine what areas are compensating for weaker ones, which really is getting down to the root source!

We do not just provide cookie-cutter evaluation and treatments.  You can do that by searching the web for exercises!

We normally find cervical disorders correlate with compensation patterns from poor posture, dysfunction in the inner ear or other central vestibular disorders and/or jaw pain.

A multi-system evaluation can give us the information that provides a well-rounded treatment approach to improving not just one area, but all areas that are contributing to your pain.

Based on information gained from our detailed examination, our physical therapists will illustrate clearly to you what individual structures are causing your symptoms by actively changing the quality of your symptoms there and then during the treatment.

Manual Therapy

Hands on treatments to specific cranial and cervical myofascial points and joints can improve pain, stiffness and kinesthetic awareness to help your neck, cranium, arm or shoulder blade symptoms.

Vestibular Therapy

Our infrared technology helps us diagnose if you have subsequent BPPV with your neck pain, which allows us to treat the correct canals and give you the best results.

Exercise Prescription

We know the right stretches and exercises that are best suited for neck pain, radiculopathy and cranium disorders through our Feel it to Heal it Physio approach.  

What are treatment options for Cervical Disorders?

Harrison and Danielle are dedicated hands-on manual and vestibular therapists, who passionately seek good outcomes.  We aim to provide you with the knowledge to help you with your condition, and provide honest and effective advice, management and treatment.

We have a unique approach of combining manual therapies to the jaw, face and neck with vestibular therapy to the eyes and balance systems & canalith repositioning manuevers to the inner ear (if necessary).  The combined approach is unique to our specialities that you cannot find anywhere else in the Triangle.  Our goal is to maximize each individual’s progress toward an active, less limited lifestyle.

We think cookie-cutter treatments are meant for making cookies, not helping humans!  You will not just get a “typical” physical therapy approach here.  Instead, you will find the most detailed and comprehensive approach you have ever experienced.  We help those that others have not so let us take a look at you!

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use to treat myofascial pain.  It pairs nicely with our Feel it to Heal it Physio approach so you don’t continue to have painful myofascial trigger points!

Extension Traction

Traction at specific cervical segments based off your diagnosis and hypomobile regions allows for muscles to relax alongside mobilization! You must try it!

Fascial Mobilization 

Our instruments mobilize soft tissue structures to help improve pain and mobility to help you feel better! They can get in the “hard to get” regions that at-home theraguns or foam rollers can’t!


Dynamic or static cupping mobilizes soft tissue structures to help improve pain and mobility. Fascial decompression can be a great way to help you feel better!

Feel it to Heal it Physio

Any exercises we prescribe get the green light thumbs up approval.  This means you feel it where you should, which means you then can heal!  This is what we call Feel it to Heal it Physio!


We provide professional education & advice on best ergonomics at work & home, pillows and self-help strategies.  Don’t buy the latest ad on social media, ask our opinion!

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